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Turmeric: The Magic Spice To Boost Your Health


Turmeric Isn’t Just A Spice

Turmeric isn`t only a spice on your spice container anymore. It has been round for a while and has been hailed because the therapy to umpteen fitness woes. As the arena is welcoming turmeric into its every day food plan as a herbal complement and in numerous forms, this surprise spice isn’t by myself in its campaign to enhance your wellbeing. What’s greater, collectively the turmeric ginger duo  is even greater beneficial.

This mixture gives the goodness of exceptional herbal fitness supplements. The basket of advantages that turmeric teas provide to our mind and frame is all way to its energetic component curcumin whilst the presence of phenolic compounds, which include gingerol offers ginger anti inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Both turmeric and ginger have been used for their medicinal benefits across the globe for a very long time now. But years of research have shown that you can now enjoy the benefits of turmeric ginger in so many ways other than medicine.

A good way to add turmeric ginger to your lifestyle is through turmeric ginger tea. Not only is it supremely refreshing in taste, but there are also numerous benefits of drinking turmeric and ginger tea. Let’s have a look at some of them:

  • Reduces Inflammation and improves heart health

Amongst the many health benefits of turmeric and ginger, the most prominent one is their anti-inflammatory property. It can help in reducing oxidative stress in your body. Chronic inflammation is known to lead to heart ailments.

Zingiberaceae extracts found in turmeric ginger may lower your cholesterol levels, especially LDL cholesterol. LDL is behind the plaque deposition in arteries and blood vessels. It increases atherosclerosis and your risk of strokes.

  • For a glowing skin

Power up those antioxidants by brewing a few turmeric ginger tea bags every day. The gingerol in turmeric ginger tea is also an excellent antibacterial compound and just an antioxidant. It helps in keeping several skin infections at bay while stimulating the growth of new cells. It also helps prevent signs of ageing, such as blemishes and wrinkles and blemishes.

  • Boost up the immunity 

Turmeric ginger tea has antibacterial, antibacterial, antifungal and antiseptic properties that enhance the immune system. If you’re the type of person reaching for that box of tissue whenever a cough, cold or constipation is stalking you, you need to get an organic turmeric ginger tea right now.

  • Digestion aid

If you have stomach problems, this tea is good news for you. Turmeric tea’s powerful anti-inflammatory properties help calm the stomach and aid digestion. It also prevents nausea. In some cases, it can help with problems such as IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), acid reflux disease, ulcerative colitis, and even ulcers.

Olinda Turmeric  Ginger and Ginseng Tea bag offers all of these health benefits on a bite-by-bite basis. Each sip of this spicy turmeric ginger tea will naturally detoxify your body and increase your defenses. And with the many health benefits of turmeric ginger, this should definitely be everyone’s tea. Olinda tea is not only a healthy tea, but also a healthy lifestyle. Happy Brew!

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