Types of Home Security Cameras

There are three primary kinds of security cameras for homes that include security cameras that are wireless as well as video doorbells and floodlight cameras. Here are the distinctions.

3 Types of Home Security Cameras

Wireless Security Cameras

These invisible security cameras are connected directly to the network in your house and can send videos and alerts to your phone. Certain models require connection to an outlet and some run on rechargeable battery power, making them completely wireless. Certain cameras can save videos locally on memory cards however, many do not include this feature, which forces users to save them to the cloud. This allows manufacturers to charge an annual fee.

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Advantages The models can be put in almost any place inside your home. Weatherproof models can be set outside. You can track your home’s security and get smartphone alerts anytime, anywhere using cell phone service or WiFi.

Con: Cloud storage fees could add up in time. Certain smart features require monthly fees.

Video Doorbells

Doorbells with video are actually security cameras that are included in the doorbell. The majority of them make use of low-voltage wiring that is connected to the doorbell that is already in use for power, but a few models run on batteries, which can be useful in the absence of an electrically wired doorbell. Batteries-powered models require regular recharge or replacement of batteries. The cameras will send alerts as well as videos on your mobile whenever they detect motion or in the event that someone rings your doorbell. The doorbells with video also have two-way audio so that you can communicate with the person who rings. Some models include the ability to store video clips locally. However, the majority of them store videos online, which typically needs a monthly charge to keep them indefinitely.

Advantages The majority of people use the wiring for their doorbells for power, eliminating the requirement for an independent power line. You can answer the doorbell even when you’re at home.

Pros: They won’t work with your existing wireless doorbell. Their connection to WiFi could be affected by being away from the walls of your house. Cloud storage fees can pile to a significant amount. Certain features that are smart require each month.

Floodlight Cameras

They combine security cameras and bright floodlights that effectively shine light on intruders who might be lurking around and frighten them away because of their built-in sirens. They are generally made to replace an existing floodlight. This requires wiring them to an electric box. There are some plug-in and battery-powered models that are also available, however. Along with sirens, the majority of floodlight security cameras have two-way audio to talk with guests. Some models also come with slot for memory cards that allow you to save footage locally, but the majority require a subscription fee to access cloud-based video storage.

Advantages In addition to replacing traditional hardwired floodlights with HTML0, most floodlight cameras provide a consistent supply of power, meaning you don’t have to worry to charge batteries. You can keep track of important areas in your home, including backyards and driveways, by using your smartphone anywhere.

Pros: Their WiFi connection might be affected by the fact that they are far from the thick walls of your house. Cloud storage fees can pile to the bill. Certain features that are smart require each month.

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