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Unique & Easy Ponytails To Try This Summer

With summer just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about how to cope with sticky humid air. Girls with long hair should try to avoid the frizzy look by tying up their hair when it’s warm outside so it doesn’t stick to the back of their necks. It also might be a good idea to think about switching hairstyles until cooler weather returns.

Human Hair Ponytail Extensions

Ponytails can often be misconstrued as a lazy hairstyle, but those of us who love ponytails can tell you that there’s nothing more fun than finding a new way to pile your hair up. In fact, if you have some great hairstyling tools, you can use them to create any number of lovely styles.

Fun and Unique Ponytails

The name sounds unassuming but the style could not be easier to create. And best of all, it is chic enough to wear to work or out on the town, even if you’re short on time, or haven’t washed your hair in a few days.

Straight Ponytail with Braids

If you have grown tired of all the curly hairstyles lately, then this is a great alternative. This look stands out because instead of one big braid, there are a dozen little ones—making it extra unique. The best part is that you can easily tailor it based on your own preferences—add as many or as few braids as you like. The look is especially flattering for long ponys or super short ones.

Party Perfect Pony

The following up-do will work with your hair down in waves or up in a human hair extensions ponytail. It’s another easy way to create the look but adds a touch of classiness to an otherwise regular ponytail. The little twists at the side are my favorite, and I’ve tried that trick with half-up looks as well.

Easy Twisted Pony

The Beauty created a super cute low ponytail with a fun twist for such a short amount of time – it only takes minutes to complete. This style looks almost like an updo, but is still super low maintenance and easy to re-create.

The Perfect Ponytail

Unique ponytails can be created by twisting the hair into a bun, then wrapping a section of hair around the base of the bun. This look is more elaborate because it involves creating a bun above the head.

The Textured Ponytail

I love the way that this style uses pieces of hair to weave in and out to create this look. The result is a perfectly imperfect ponytail. You may want to wear this if you’re running late for an appointment and don’t have time to style your hair, or if you just prefer that I-don’t-care look.

Effortless High Ponytail

Sometimes the simplest hairstyles are the most difficult to achieve. The key is adding volume at the roots, separating bangs from the rest, and spraying everything with volumizing spray.

If you’re looking for a practical style that can be worn in the summertime every single day, this is your answer. It can also be put in a human hair ponytail extension with a high & low ponytail, or to the side to make it look like a slightly different style every time.


Hair extensions can make all the difference in your look. They're easy to apply once you know how, and they come in lots of colors and lengths. There are a variety of extensions in different brands and types, so it's important to do your research.

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