Ways to Strengthen Nails

Weakened nails in women are the scourge of the modern world. Exfoliating nail plates that are too thin and brittle can be caused by both internal and environmental factors. We often lack the necessary vitamins and minerals, nails are weakened due to chronic diseases, and they are negatively affected by household chemicals.

Regardless of their problems, women want to be gorgeous. A beautiful manicure and pedicure play an important role here. As a result, successful ways for strengthening the nail plate utilizing diverse materials have been discovered to date.

Why do nails need to be strengthened?

Crumbling and cracking nails in everyday life cause a lot of inconveniences. They cling to everything, react to hot things, get dirtier. All of these issues are immediately resolved following the strengthening procedure.

In addition, most masters refuse to apply gelish manicures on weakened nails, because they cannot guarantee the promised 2-3 weeks of problem-free wearing of the coating. The decorative layer literally in a couple of days begins to crack, peel off, chip off. After strengthening, you get the opportunity to walk with gel polish for a long time and with merter escort pleasure.

The materials that are used today to strengthen nails and gel removal are hypoallergenic, safe and inexpensive. Therefore, every woman can afford such a procedure.

To strengthen the nail plate today are used: construction gel, biogel, acrylic, etc.

Reinforcement with construction gel.

It is very easy to perform if you know the techniques of gel nail extension. As a reinforcing material, single-phase gels of medium or low density are usually chosen, which can create a fairly thin layer. If everything is done correctly, after polymerization, there is practically no need to additionally file the frozen gel.

You can use both camouflage and transparent material. A pink or peach layer will provide a good base for further gel polish or can become an independent element of nude decoration. When a client does not want to dye their nails and wants a more natural look, the transparent gel is the perfect option.

Biogel coating.

These materials appeared on the market relatively recently and were initially expensive. Today you can find quite a budget series, ideal for strengthening the nail plate. The main difference between a biogel and a design gel is the higher elasticity of materials with the prefix “bio”. Due to this, they are closer to natural nails in their mechanical characteristics and are more comfortable to wear.

Biogel manufacturers are focusing on making biogels that are less allergenic and safer. They, like ordinary gels, can be camouflaged and transparent.

Acrylic reinforcement.

With this material, two technologies for strengthening nails are popular. The first involves the classic application of acrylic as a two-phase material – using a monomer and acrylic powder. Unlike acrylic build-up, a more liquid composition is used for the reinforcing layer, which is easier to form a thin layer. Polymerization in this case takes place in the air – without the use of an ultraviolet lamp.

A combination of acrylic and gel reinforcement is the second option. The procedure entails applying a layer of gel foundation, then covering it with acrylic powder, and finally polymerizing the nails in a lamp. The layer turns out to be sufficient for protection against chemistry and the environment, but less resistant to fracture compared to the previous version.

Related materials for strengthening the nail plate.

If you plan to offer your clients a nail strengthening service, you must have some related materials:

  • Silk for repairing and strengthening nails (it can be applied both to the edge of the nail plate and to the entire nail);
  • Auxiliary fluids – degreaser, dehydrator, etc.;
  • Ordinary varnishes of the most common colors;
  • Gel polishes with a sticky layer (materials without a sticky layer will not stick on sawn nails after strengthening).


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