What Are The Best Solutions For LinkedIn Scraping?

LinkedIn Data Scraping

If you want to scrape business data from LinkedIn, you have come to the right place. There are two solutions for LinkedIn Scraping. The first one is collecting data manually and the second one to collecting data automatically with LinkedIn Company Extractor software.

  1. Manual

Public LinkedIn business profiles may contain a lot of interesting information for marketing purposes like emails addresses, phone numbers, social media links, website links, locations, ratings, reviews,  etc. You can build a targeted b2b email list and cell phone number list from LinkedIn to contact targeted customers to sell your product or services online. You can find data from LinkedIn by typing your keywords and then can visit company profiles to copy-paste data. There are millions of company profiles on LinkedIn and you cannot collect data from these profiles manually as it will take several weeks or months to collect data from just 500 or 1000 LinkedIn business profiles. But, by using LinkedIn Company Data Extractor, you can find and scrape data from thousands of business profiles on a daily basis.

  1. Automatic

LinkedIn Data Explorer is a tool that collects data from various LinkedIn company profiles automatically without any coding. It collects all information that is available publicly on a LinkedIn business profile.

LinkedIn Email Extractor just finds and scrapes data for you and provides LinkedIn data in a ready-to-use format for the users. The most useful feature of the LinkedIn Data Scraper is the ability to find data by business name, zip code, address, and profile URL. It’s a coding-free and user-friendly LinkedIn scraping tool. Even a person who doesn’t know about programming can use it easily and can extract data from LinkedIn. Moreover, you can export data in CSV, Excel, or Text files for future use. A free trial is available to check the performance of the software. This LinkedIn Profile Scraper is ideal only for LinkedIn Scraping. LinkedIn Company Crawler can extract data from multiple business profiles simultaneously.

How Does LinkedIn Extractor Work?

LinkedIn Contact Extractor is here to help you scrape data from LinkedIn business profiles as easily and efficiently as possible.

You can scrape data from LinkedIn in simple 3 steps:

  1. Find/Search Data

You just have to install and launch the LinkedIn Company Scraper software on your computer and then search for a targeted business by name, zip code, address, or business listing URL and the LinkedIn Business Lead Extractor automatically finds all the results from LinkedIn in minutes related to your search query for targeted location and industry.

  1. Extract/Scrape LinkedIn Data

Once the searching process is finished, select the search results and click on the “Extract Button”, to scrape data from LinkedIn search results. You can select some specific LinkedIn search results or all results to scrape data.

  1. Export/Download LinkedIn Data

When your LinkedIn data scraping process is completed, go to “Export Button” and export extracted LinkedIn data from the software to CSV, Excel, or Text files. Your business data from LinkedIn is now ready to use for marketing and selling purposes.

You can start extracting LinkedIn data easily in simple 3 steps by using LinkedIn Company Data Extractor.

What You Can Scrape Using LinkedIn Company Extractor?

You can scrape the following data from LinkedIn business profiles:

LinkedIn business Profile Link

Number Of Reviews and Ratings

Number of staff in a company

Company description

Email Address

Phone Number

Business Name


Established Date

Social Media Links

Website Links

And much more.

Want to start scraping LinkedIn business profiles and search results data right now without doing any programming or anything else? No problem, LinkedIn Company Data Extractor offers FREE ACCESS for 3 days with some limitations to get started. No payment is required for the free version, just visit the website and contact the salesperson of the company through email or WhatsApp Number to buy the license of the software.

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