What are the Packaging Trends in the Shampoo Industry? 

These days, it’s no longer just shampoo, conditioner, and hairspray. Hair Care products now include mousses, gels, sprays, clays, and waxes for thick, fine, curly, straight, processed, raw, colored, and uncolored hair. With so many new products on store shelves, it’s no surprise that packaging is more important than ever.

Sexy Hair Concepts has grown significantly by presenting its salon product line in bright, attractive custom 120ml bottle boxes packaging.

Bulk and Spa Series

Hair Care products are mainly divided into the bulk distribution of national brands and limited distribution of salon or self-developed products. There is some overlap, as certain salon lines have penetrated the mass market found in drugstores, grocery stores, and big-box discounters.

Which separate shampoo bottle do I need?

There are a few key factors to consider when choosing the right shampoo bottle for your product.

Material of the bottle.

When choosing the best bottle for shampoo packaging, the first thing to consider is the bottle’s material. The following plastic materials are commonly used in the manufacture of shampoo bottles

  • PET is a transparent plastic material. It also has excellent impact resistance and is easy to recycle.
  • LDPE: A flexible, extrudable, and durable plastic.
  • High-density polyethylene. This type of plastic is cost-effective, durable, recyclable, and impact resistant.
  • MDPE has excellent drop and impact resistance and is ideal for products often handled with wet hands.
  • PVC: A transparent material with good durability and chemical resistance.

Available in various colors, these materials create an attractive shelf appearance. Overall, these materials help enhance the shopping experience.

Bottle style and shape

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Style and shape are also crucial factors when choosing a shampoo bottle. For example, clear bottles are suitable for semi-liquid or viscous contents and are colorful and eye-catching. Bottles with round bottoms are more stable and do not spill easily when dropped.

What types of caps are available for individual shampoo bottles?

Another critical feature of plastic shampoo bottles is the type of cap. Caps that make a product more attractive and efficiently dispense contents are essential for the consumer experience. Factors such as product consistency, bottle shape, and style will determine the type of closure that best suits the product.

Pump shutdown type

Pump caps are typically used on shampoo bottles and are suitable for larger rigid bottles, as consumers place the bottle and press the pump cap to remove the contents. The pump cover with the top can be rotated and locked to prevent spillage.

Flip closure

The flip cap often found on squeeze bottles, protects the contents from contamination and is airtight when closed, preventing leakage. The top of this lid hinges back to allow shampoo or conditioner to be squeezed out. Once you’ve taken out your choice, close the lid.

Top of the plate.

While not as common as disc pumps, disc pumps are a flexible and squeezable alternative to shampoo bottles. It is compatible with all bottle sizes, and when pressed, the cap opens to release the shampoo or conditioner. Press it again to close the lid and seal the contents.

Cover Plate

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While not as common as pumps and flip caps, disc caps are a flexible and squeezable alternative to shampoo bottles. They are compatible with all sizes of bottles and have a cap that opens when squeezed to dispense shampoo or conditioner. Press it again, and the cap closes, sealing the contents.

Why Refill Shampoo Bottles?

Reusable shampoo bottles are made of aluminum, which is less harmful to yourself, other organisms, and the environment. There are many benefits to using a reusable shampoo bottle. Here are some of them.

Indeed, aluminum production is not as environmentally friendly as plastic production. Aluminum is produced by melting mined bauxite, an expensive and energy-intensive process. However, aluminum bottles can be used as dispensers and will not lose their shape no matter how long they are filled.
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Not only can you use aluminum bottles multiple times, but they also last many times longer than plastic bottles. Once complete, aluminum products can be recycled repeatedly without losing volume or mass during the recycling process. It means that the 100% recycled aluminum is still there. So, you can use shampoo or conditioner bottles again without the need for new material. Aluminum is one of the most recycled materials in the world, and more importantly, recycling requires 90% less energy than making it from scratch. All the liquids can be stored in bottles and these bottles can be packed in packaging boxes for bottles with a lot of customization options.

The problem with refillable shampoo bottles

Currently, there are two problems with refillable bottles: price and where/how to store them. Most raises are made at the filling station, which is not always convenient. Most cities don’t even have filling stations, which are usually located in larger cities. Plus, brands that offer refilling stations often sell high-end items from big department stores, which not everyone can afford.

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