What Else To Know About Buying Moissanite diamond Jewelry?

It’s similar in appearance and durability to diamonds, but without high price tag. Moissanite one of a class of gems known as hard and brilliant. The two primary factors that determine how a gem looks are its hardness and brilliance. Hardness measures how resistant it to being scratched or damaged while brilliance refers to how much light comes back out of it when you shine light onto it. In short, hardness means moissanite diamond won’t scratch, scuff or get dull over time whereas brilliance means more light bounces off your jewelry’s surface than with other gems. It’s not quite as hard as diamond but nearly so.

Moissanite diamond often used as a diamond alternative because it’s more affordable and every bit as beautiful. It’s actually also more rare than diamonds, being that moissanite occurs naturally but rarely, while diamonds are made synthetically. Also known as silicon carbide, moissanite Moissanite was first discovered in 1893 when Dr. Henri Moissan attempted to synthesize diamonds using extremely high heat, pure carbon and petroleum coke in his lab in France. What he ended up with instead was silicon carbide — or what we now know today as moissanite diamond! He named it after himself (and possibly for its resemblance to actual diamonds), since moiss- means the meek in French. The gem has yet another name: forever one.

The Three Advantages of Moissanite Over Real Diamonds

Since they were invented in 1893, more than a century ago, diamonds prized as one of our most valuable resources. The only problem is that nowadays these diamonds are practically worthless, especially if you compare them with their synthetic counterparts: moissanite diamonds. This particular type of diamond has an almost identical composition as its natural counterpart but with one difference: it’s at least 3-4 times harder than regular diamonds and can last for several generations. If you want to find out why many women prefer moissanite diamond over real diamonds, keep reading.

The Six Disadvantages of Real Diamonds

The biggest disadvantage of real diamonds is that they’re expensive. A typical engagement ring is priced around $3,000 or more. And since only a diamond can make an moissanite engagement rings special, it isn’t possible to cut costs by choosing an affordable gemstone alternative. No doubt, some couples would love to get engaged but don’t have $5,000 on hand for a ring. But rather than postpone their proposal plans until they can afford a diamond, why not instead invest in a beautiful alternative? The price of moissanite diamond jewelry is typically less than $500 and can be much lower depending on the specific setting style you choose.

Choosing a wedding ring is not easy, but it doesn’t have to be stressful. With help from your jeweler, you should be able to narrow down your choices fairly quickly. As soon as you’ve settled on a style and metal preference, go ahead and order your engagement ring. If it arrives in a timely manner (you should be able to track its progress) don’t hesitate.

The Two Reasons Why People Like Real Diamonds Better Than Moissanite

Some people prefer diamonds over moissanite  diamond simply because of how they look. However, there are some very good reasons why you should switch to buying moissanite diamond jewelry rather than real diamonds. Here are two: 1. Why do real diamonds cost so much more? Real diamonds have a couple of flaws (such as inclusions) that make them pretty rare. That makes them expensive, and it’s impossible for a diamond to be flawless. Any cut with imperfections won’t look good, which is why most people think that a full cut is the best possible choice for their diamond rings or other jewelry items; however, those are relatively rare and usually way too expensive for anyone who isn’t rich.

What Else To Know About Buying Jewelry?

When you’re buying jewelry, it’s important to have all of your questions answered before you decide on a piece. Be sure to ask about certification, where it was made, and who set any stones. Also ask if they offer any repairs or insurance. This will allow you to make a well-informed decision when choosing an item that is bound to last a lifetime.

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