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What is E.A.T. and Why it is Important for Your Business SEO?

It’s been a while to get started with your online business or thinking to start. Whichever is the situation, you certainly need the assistance of professional SEO services.

Is that right?

Either you hire dedicated resources in-house to perform end-to-end brand marketing. On the other side, rely on an outsourcing SEO agency to work dedicatedly on your project and at a low cost.

In midst of all this, you might come across several marketing jargon and techniques to enhance your website ranking.

One of the trendy SEO techniques of E.A.T. (Expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness). As a digital enterprise, you must know this SEO strategy, its benefits, and how does it affect your site’s ranking.

Thus, this short blog is ready for you to provide the essential information related to E.A.T. It is based on the following key points.

What is EAT?

EAT is the abbreviation of expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. These are human-centric ranking factors mentioned in Google’s Search Quality Rate Guidelines. Each component has its relevance to shaping up your business website SEO strategy and gaining substantial results in a short time.

What is EAT in SEO?

Expertise: It is related to the content created for your website, mobile app, or company’s blog with having related keywords. It emphasizes more on the credibility of the content. How does it affect the reader to take the substantial action that you want? It determines the content creator for your business website is creating valuable information or not. It is the reason; you must rely on quality content creators from an established digital marketing agency.

Authoritiveness: It is related to demonstrating authority on your site. It means your site must have quality backlinks created by SEO experts. The website must blog published on other platforms that talk more about your products/services.

Trustworthiness: As the name itself implies, your website must be trustful and secure. It must safeguard the user’s data and contain several positive reviews to showcase your real brand place.

What is its importance?

EAT has substantial importance for any website to showcase quality, authority, and trust factors on SERP. The search engine does not rank a shady website or the site having mere keywords only. The information published on the platform matters the most to bring credibility and genuine appeal to the search engine.

Therefore, it is imperative to work on SEO EAT strategy exponentially and improve ranking at a fast pace.

How Does it Affect your Website Ranking?

As already explained about each component of EAT, it does affect your website ranking. Google bots crawl every webpage or blog you publish on the site and check its relevancy, keyword ratio, placement, and readability.

Similarly, adding EAT components inside the content enhance its appeal and trust factor. Ultimately, it helps crawl the pages fast and improve ranking to an optimum extent.

Is There an EAT Score like SEO Score?

There is no such thing as EAT score. Google does not provide any score to your website based on EAT components. In reality, it cannot be analyzed but measured based on the performance of your site. So, it depends on the result-oriented digital marketing services to strategize and implement EAT accordingly. You can discuss with your SEO partner to enhance the content expertise, quality backlinks, and bring more security to the website.

How to Improve your Website EAT?

There is one way to improve EAT of your business website based on the following points.

Improve Expertise: The best way is to create a result-oriented content action plan covering both writing and marketing. Discuss with your digital marketing agency to create content as per your audience’s needs. Also, implement the SEO factors like proper structure, keywords, and improved readability score.

Improve Authoritiveness: There are two ways to enhance the authoritativeness of your website. The first is creating quality backlinks on good sites. The other one is enhancing social media marketing on platforms related to your business.

Improve Trustworthiness: Improve the security of your website by updating security patches. From an SEO point of view, add more positive reviews and delete negative ones to create a lasting trust factor.

Concluding Thoughts

You must have now a clear idea of EAT related to your website and different ways to improve the same. The additional tip is to focus more on creating EAT content based on SEO-specific guidelines. Concerning this, make a list of different content marketing activities, word length, different styles of writing, and problem-solving information.

Get started with EAT and advanced SEO implementation with a trusted partner like Fuel4Media. It is a leading digital marketing company in India that has enhanced the business of several industries and clients. Discuss with experts and consult for free to ask several queries and get started with an improved online presence.

Fuel4Media Technologies

Fuel4Media Technologies is an award-winning Web Development and Digital Marketing company that works with leading global enterprises, small and medium-sized businesses as well as forward-thinking startups. Our end-to-end solutions can help you with custom software, web, and mobile app development needs. Our thoughtfully crafted branding and marketing strategies allow our clients to win customers with SEO, SMO, SEM, PPC, content and video marketing.

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