What is Large-format Printing? Everything you Should know

Large format printing is referred to using multiple names, including grand-scale printing, wide-scale printing, large-scale printing.

use to print large signs or sign wide format printing.

The home-office printers are not sufficient to carry out wide format printing, and it requires printers that can accommodate a significantly large medium to print.

Managing your everyday printing at your office can get tedious and over the budget. Maintaining the print limit while not affecting your seamless business operations can take too much time if it is not done correctly.

What large-format printing is?

The above short introduction must have given a clue as to what large-format printing is if you are new to wide format printing in Brisbane, Queensland. If not, the following section will help you understand first-hand what large-format printing is and everything else you should know about it.

But, with managed printing services for businesses, you do not have to worry about spending extra workforce hours or wastage due to printing. If you have been through this issue and want to get the full managed print service benefits, keep reading to know-how.

Large-format is used to print large signs typically larger and massive than 8.5 inches by 11 inches or up to 18 inches by 100 inches in size. The wide-format printing services brisbane have seen advancements and print eco-friendly, tech-savvy and cost-effective large signage prints.

Before we plunge deeper into the world of large format printing in Brisbane, let us understand why we need large format printing. What is the need for wide-format printing services in Brisbane and other parts of the world?

We consider your workflow processes, your print needs, the print products utilisation and keep a check on your printing with a plan for smarter, cost-effective and no-wastage of outdoor signage printing solutions. To reduce your costs while improving your performance efficiency, we provide managed printing services, Brisbane, Queensland.

Why do we need to print large signs using Large-format Printing?

The need for large-format printing is on the rise with the advent of technology enhancing the print quality and automation in its use. Here are why we need to print large signs using large-format printing services in Brisbane and across the world.

  1. Create impactful impressions and increase brand recognition
  2. A refreshing way of effective marketing
  3. Huge signs are eye-catching with a large audience
  4. Piques interest and curiosity with the target audience
  5. Cost-effective and long-lasting
  6. The promotion of the intended sales
  7. Higher rate of potential lead conversions to actual customers

The above list is just the beginning! With the increased audience and a gradual increase in customers and sales, your business grows, and so does your business employees. Hence with more hiring of employees expands the employment rate.

You had not seen it coming, not surprising as the effect takes time for the latter to happen. It is a gradual process. Now, with that in mind, I bet you are more curious than ever to know more about signage printing in Brisbane. Let’s dive right in then!

What is Wide-format Printing?

Wide-format printing, to recall, is the printing of large-sized prints of more than 8.5 inches by 11 inches or up to 18 inches by 100 inches.

The printers used for this are again different from the home and office advanced printers.

Here’s what you need to know about them, the printers used for large-format printing are of two types:

Roll-based Printers: The roll-fed printers are use when printed upon the flexible material, and their roll is fed into the roll-based printers.

Flatbed Printers: Flatbed printers are use for materials like glass, wood and other hard, non-flexible materials and the substrate is loaded onto the table for printing.

You also get a combination of the above printers in a single printer for sign wide-format printing, with a detachable roll or bed; it can be use as the project requirements demand.

Where are the Wide-format Printers used?

The wide-scale printers are pretty flexible and have extensive use in the POS sector, from vehicle image wraps, murals, wallpaper, trade show graphics, posters, banners, presentation backdrops to yard signs, to name a few.

With versatile printers, get brilliant artwork, custom wallpaper designs that you can work online using a tool and picture canvases customised. When floor to the sky is the limit, get floor graphics to fabric prints printed along with anything else in between.

What ink is used for Wide-format Printing?

Until recently, most frequently, eco-solvent inks were in use, while in recent times, ultraviolet ink seems to be gaining traction.

While the eco-solvent required more time curing or outgassing before placing the printable material on it to avoid smudging,

UV ink saves time and money as it instantly dries when passed under UV light and can use almost immediately. It is further economical as the quantity of UV ink is drastically less compared to eco-solvent ink.

What is the process followed in Large-format Printing?

The process followed in sign large printing is similar to digital printing and ideal for full-colour items.

Most printers use the conventional CMYK colour scheme, while the upgraded printers might use the CMYK combined with the RGB colour schemes.

The printing process delivers high-quality prints even on glass materials at high speeds.

A standard format of files used for printing ensures high resolution even upon enlargement.

and the suggested large format can be 61 inches or less.

Large-format Printing services in Brisbane, Queensland?

Brisbane Print Media has successfully served clients and provided large-format printing services in Queensland with a constant 100% client satisfaction. Our friendly consultants in Signage printing, Brisbane, will help answer all of your queries and move forward with your project

Improve your Print Environment: Unwanted printing of pages, be it in colour or black & white, with no stopping or any regulation leads to misuse and wastage of resources. Managed printing services in your business is one of the ways to prevent the same.

Any managed printing services provider will discuss with you and your business employees.

understand the regular usage and how best to reduce and optimise the use.

Reduce Print Related IT Expenses: With proper care and management of your printers and copiers, you can reduce/eliminate downtime.

Achieve smooth workflow while also reaching a state where no employees are non-functional printers and copiers.

Increase Production:

With managed print services from a notable managed printing company comes an organised print environment.

Brisbane Print Hub

Paper size tool, get your paper size right in millimetres (mm), centimetres (cm), or inches.
to get impressive managed print services.
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Tracking the printing costs, documents, and the costs of lost time fixing the printer issues .
while walking back and forth to the printers from your work station.
All of them put together hits your company’s resources badly.

Are you looking for Large Format Printing Services, Brisbane?

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