What is the Future Scope of Microsoft SCCM?

The Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) helps the IT administrators create and maintain consistency in configuration management. Instead of manually deploying and supporting each client, you can use SCCM technology to automate configuration tasks using templates. Moreover, this technology allows simple and flexible management of applications, resources, services, hypervisors, software-defined networks, and automation. As a result, large enterprises are shifting to SCCM, resulting in the demand for skilled professionals. In order to gain such experience in this technology, it is necessary to undergo Microsoft SCCM Online Training. The main objective of this training aims to provide students with hands-on experience and help them advance their careers to new heights of success.

Why Should You Use Microsoft SCCM?

Every enterprise may use Microsoft SCCM for various goals, including enhancing organizational efficiency, safeguarding client systems from malware, etc. Let us now look at the main reasons why you should use Microsoft SCCM.

  • Productivity of User is Increased

Configuration Manager (SCCM) offers employees access to the applications they require to stay productive. Also, it provides necessary tools to the administrators to protect crucial company data.

  • Preserve Endpoints

Endpoint protection manages anti-malware definitions using a built-in engine for Windows updates. It also allows you to keep client computers up to date. Moreover, it assures the protection of your system using the most recent version.

  • Intelligence on Assets

The License administrator may use Asset intelligence to track which programs have installed on the system and the location of such programs. Moreover, with the help of SCCM, the administrator may note the number of installations and the applications. Furthermore, with the help of software metering, you can track licenses across the environment, ensuring that the counts in the audit event are accurate.

  • IT Infrastructure Management

Configuration Manager enables you to manage settings and changes while decreasing maintenance operations, shortening technical help response times, and creating customizable and comprehensive data that your organization may use to make crucial business decisions.

Top Unique Features of Microsoft SCCM

The main features of Microsoft SCCM are as follows:

  • Operating System Deployment

The installation of the operating system begins at the start of the system’s life cycle. However, the Configuration Manager submits all the tools required for an organization to deliver operating systems, either as an imaged installation or as a scripted installation.

  • Asset Tracking

SCCM comprises of necessary tools to track the software and hardware asset of the system.

  • Patch management

SCCM is a method for patching and upgrading systems after installing the operating system. Furthermore, SCCM may compel clients to patch, update, and restart as per the policies of the IT department.

  • Reporting

SCCM offers a report production tool that comprises a different range of reports and the ability for IT personnel to build customized reports on anything from asset inventory reports to standard configuration reports.

  • Software Deployment

SCCM provides tools for placing software programs, both basic or complex, with individual application setup and customization.

  • Management of Desired Configuration

SCCM helps IT administrators to create policies for system configurations and prevents them from being updated beyond the criteria given in the policy.


Finally, the future scope of the Microsoft SCCM proves to be promising and full of new career opportunities. As many large enterprises have started implementing SCCM, the demand for skilled professionals has increased rapidly. Therefore, to gain experience in this field, it is necessary to undergo Microsoft SCCM Online Training. With this training, you can make a prosperous career in this field and land a high-paid job. So make use of this best time and get yourself a certified degree and start working as a professional.



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