What is TOEFL and preparation for TOEFL

TOEFL is an examination to test English proficiency of students who want to study abroad. English is a widely accepted language in the world. In countries such as U.K, U.S, Canada, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand etc, English is an official language. So, the students should be proficient in English and should be able to communicate effectively with the authorities of the universities and the people around them. If a student is planning to study abroad, then he/she should appear for TOEFL exam and score the best marks. Many students undergo training to score higher marks in the test. So, they choose the best TOEFL academy for toefl preparation.

What is TOEFL language?

The students should prepare for TOEFL test which consists of four parts. The four sections of TOEFL examination include writing, listening, reading and speaking. The students should score minimum marks in each section.


The students should complete this section in 30 minutes and it further consists of four sections. In this section, the students should answer 30 to 40 questions. The students should carefully listen to the recordings presented by the mentor and answer some questions. The two questions asked initially relate to the routine life or social events. The other questions asked by the mentors are related to the educational aspects and training. 


The students should complete this test in50 minutes. In the first section, the students should write something after reading a context or after listening to a topic. 


The students should read from the texts that are presented from sources such as journals, magazines, books, etc. The students should read 10 long paragraphs of 700 words. 


The students should face an interview with the mentors for 11 to 14 minutes. You should discuss your views, ideas, or opinion to the mentor about a subject. 

Training for TOEFL

The students should join a training program to for TOEFL preparation.

They can join live classroom training and personally interact with the mentors. The mentors conduct mock tests, interviews and written test to develop confidence among students. The mentor conducts full-length mock tests to prepare the students for an examination. The students are also accessed to online library and labs. The students can attend the free counseling sessions. 

Live Classes

The students can attend live sessions if they are not able to attend classroom lessons. The students are accessed to live webcasts and they can interact with the mentors online using effective online tools. The mentor prepares a customized study plan for the students to perform well. They also conduct doubt-clearing sessions to clarify the academic doubts. They also use effective tools to analyze the performance of the students. The students can join 16 hours of live training and some mock tests. The mentors provide study materials for the students providing customized exam guidance to the students. The students can also attend unlimited doubt-clearing sessions and get accessed to lab and library. The mentors also provide the class recordings to the students 

So, the students can prepare the best if they join TOEFL classes.  

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