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What Makes Angular One Of The Best Front-end Framework

Best Front-end Framework

Angular is an open-source framework that allows you to build modern web applications with a modular architecture. Angular’s structure will enable you to make components that are reusable across multiple projects, enabling you to focus on your project without worrying about how things work together. Angular also helps you to avoid the duplication of code by using type-driven design and progressive enhancement. Features of Angular help keep your code clean and easy to understand. It is the best for developing enterprise applications, and for the same, you should hire Angular developers from us, for more information click here.

Top Benefits Of Using Angular.js In Your Next Web Application

AngularJS is a JavaScript framework that allows developers to build MVC web applications using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It helps developers to build single pages with ease, and it also provides server-side routing.

It uses standard JavaScript APIs to enable the web developer to write reusable components which is reused by other web developers.

With the use of Angular, development time reduces drastically by providing functionalities such as HTML templates, JavaScript and CSS. So that was all about Angular in brief. Now let’s look at each of the benefits of Angular in detail.

Following are the benefits of Angular that you should know:


Angularjs is an open-source JavaScript front-end development framework developers use it in the development of custom applications. Since it is open-source, anybody can contribute to the development of this technology and development cost is also affordable.

Have Google’s Back

Google has supported angular since the beginning, and they have done a great job in making it an easy-to-use platform for creating web applications. Google is providing endless support in the maintenance and development of the technology as well.

Code Reusability

Code reusability is a significant feature of Angular. It allows us to reuse the same code in different projects. This is especially useful when we have multiple teams working on the same project, and each team wants to use other components.

Angular makes it possible to keep the same code base but with a consistent and well-defined way of building the application UI. With reusability, we can focus on improving features rather than coding.

All Angular codes are shareable among projects and applications. These code snippets are shared on GitHub, Bitbucket, and other code repositories. Sharing enables collaboration between people in different environments. This is one of the reasons why developers prefer to work with Angular.

Quick Development

Since the foundation of Angular is HTML hence development won’t require much time to code the application. One can easily create an entire application in a blink of an eye with minimal effort when the required features (of the app) are limited.

Effective Operations

Angular.js offers numerous tools and libraries that ease the work of a developer. All these tools come with the default setup and provide a pre-configured environment that consists of dozens of libraries that helps you to develop complex applications effectively. This means that you are no more dependent on third-party libraries.

Cross-platform Development

Angular is a cross-platform framework, which means that you can use it on any platform that supports JavaScript – from Microsoft Windows to Linux, Mac OS X, and even iOS and Android. It is an excellent solution for creating web apps on your preferred platforms.

Two-way Data Binding

In Two-way data binding, data/information is keeps transferring between the component class and the template and vice versa. Say suppose you changed the data at one place, and it will automatically reflect at the other end. These feature of Angular helps in doing the following functions:

  • In setting the property of a component class
  • Look for a Document Object Model (DOM) element change

Better Server Performance

Angular supports caching and other such features, which reduces the burden on the server. It causes fewer HTTP requests, and thereby, the server can perform without any limitation. Caching in PWA works efficiently and conserves bandwidth whenever possible. This minimizes the risks of serving outdated content. Moreover, as it is a website, it can be optimized for SEO. Angular also facilitates the development of single page applications (SPA) which provides server side rendering capabilities that boost SEO rankings.

Easy Testing

Testing is an essential part of any app development process. You can do it with automated tools or manually. Angular provides a convenient way to test your application and make sure that it works as expected.

Also, you can use some of Angular’s features to test your application. Angular offers a set of tools to facilitate this work. You can use these tools in different ways and will find them helpful, and you can use them to run tests against your application’s source code.

Improved Design Architecture

Sometimes large applications consist of more than sixty-five components which make the application development and maintenance intricate. With Angular, it is easy to manage even bulky applications, all thanks to its architecture.

Declarative User Interface

Declarative UI is a new way of designing user interfaces. It is more flexible and used for any kind of application, and it is an approach to design interfaces that are easy to understand and use. It allows you to define your application’s UI in terms of HTML and CSS, and you can handle this easily from a development perspective.

Declarative UI approach is popular in the world of web development, and it is not limited to just desktop applications. It can be used to create mobile apps as well. You don’t have to write a full-fledged web application.

MVC Architecture

Angularjs uses a model view controller architecture architecture, which means that it has two views, one for the controllers and another for the view. The controller is responsible for handling requests from the client and sending back data to the view. The view is responsible for displaying the data to the user.

Most Popular Websites/Apps Made Developed In Angular

Following are the examples of the most popular websites/apps that leverage Angular:


Gmail is Google’s product built-in 2004 to provide a free-to-use email service. Now, it hosts 1.4 billion users and supports more than 100 languages. All this is made possible with Angular.


Paypal is a payment to receive and transfer funds in international currency. With this platform, you can make payments in real-time. The company migrated to Angular to enhance the loading speed of web pages.


Upwork, a marketplace for freelancers to get a job and get paid for it. Here, freelancers and businessmen can connect and get the job done at a bid price.

Final Verdict

Angular framework helps you quickly create your Angular application. It provides you with a minimalistic template used for creating any type of Angular application, from single-page apps to full-blown applications. This framework is super fast once you understand how to use it! So don’t wait; build your next project in Angular with the help of our experienced Angularjs developers. Feel free to ping us for inquiries regarding any of our services.

EnProwess, a global offshore development company is on a mission to solve business challenges with the help of innovative tech solutions. Angular developers at EnProwess leave no stone unturned to deliver up-to-the-mark solutions. For more information or inquiry, kindly visit our website.

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