“What Makes You Unique?” Sample Answers

The concept of uniqueness is a curious one. In formal terms, something is unique when it exists as the only example, effectively having no equal. It’s common to struggle a little when the recruiting manager asks, “What makes you unique?”

Fortunately, you don’t have to be the only example of something to answer this question adequately. If you’re stuck on answering the question “what makes you unique,” here’s how to get started.

Why do they ask, “Tell us what makes you unique?”

So, why do recruiting managers ask, “What makes you unique?” Is it to confuse you a little? Perhaps a little. However, there is more to it than that.

First, your response reveals to them what you value in yourself. You’re essentially articulating why you believe you’re unique, and the features or abilities you choose to highlight can provide powerful insights about your personality and skills.

Second, they want to know how you deal with stress. Speaking about yourself this way is undoubted unsettling, but they want to see if you can handle the challenge.

Finally, the hiring manager is looking to see if you have a skill or trait they didn’t specifically ask for that could help you, the team, and the organisation succeed unexpectedly.

As the experts at Balance put it, the hiring manager is searching for “something above and beyond what the other candidates provide, demonstrating that you’ll be a strong addition to the organisation,” not just technical abilities. They’re looking for that extra something because it could help the organisation achieve new zeytinburnu escort heights.

How to Answer “What Makes You Unique?”

Take a moment to consider all of the possible solutions. Are they peculiar characteristics that distinguish you from your friends and family? Are there strange habits you’ve had since childhood that no one else seems to have? Is there a talent you’ve always wanted to share on late-night television but have never had the opportunity to?

Let’s try that question again, but I’ll run it via the “What the interviewer is asking” filter this time. Are you prepared? Here you go:

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“What differentiates you as the best candidate for this position?”

Instead of focusing on what makes you unique, consider what value you contribute to the firm. Now, your list may include helpful phrases like “I’m strongly motivated by a challenge” and “I appreciate working with a team to complete a project.”

This question is designed to elicit information about what makes you essential as a person and in the workplace and why those differences set you apart from the other candidates. Remember that an interviewer’s primary responsibility is to discover the best candidate for the position they are hiring, and your goal is to convince them that you are the right fit!

Remember, this is only one of the questions the hiring manager may ask you during your interview! That is why we created a tremendous free cheat sheet that will provide you with word-for-word answers to some of the most challenging interview questions you will face in your forthcoming interview.

Answering “What Makes You Unique” on a Job Application

This interview question may appear for the first time you fill out a job application. It’s not uncommon for a corporation to ask you something like, “In 150 characters or less, explain to us what makes you distinctive.”

You don’t have to overthink this. Everything we’ve mentioned so far still holds. If you want to get the maximum benefit from the answer you give, you need to ensure that you use the allotted characters you have economically.

Hiring managers want clear, simple ideas, which is why they imposed a character limit in the first place. So, one thing to avoid at all costs is rephrasing the question. You should also avoid filler words that bring no real value to the answer.

The most important thing to remember is to concentrate on your unique skills relevant to the position you are interviewing for. Use the following suggestions to help you design your response.

Top 5 Tips for “What Makes You Unique”

1. Do Your Homework

Begin with the job posting itself. Examine the talents required and match them to the ones you already have. Make sure that when you respond to the question, you incorporate those abilities into the dialogue using examples.

2. Self-Assess

After reviewing the job posting and your associated talents, spend some time asking yourself what distinguishes you from other candidates and writing down your replies. Make a list of abilities or characteristics that you believe are unique to you and will make you a great addition to the firm but were not featured in the job description.

3. Reference the Past

To back up your replies, provide specific instances from your work history. Make sure your stories are short, to the point, and end positively. Share with your hiring manager what makes you distinctive and how you exploited that uniqueness to your advantage.

4. It’s Not All About You

Yes, it is your interview, but it is truly all about the firm and how you can assist them. Conduct a preliminary study on the organisation and develop powerful ways your unique skills and talents might aid them. Yes, gaining a job will help you, but it’s always about them.

5. Be Unique

Yes, this question is about how you’re unique, but it’s too simple to give answers that your interviewer has heard a million times before.

Rather than saying, “I’m a hard worker,” say, “I’m determined to complete any task, no matter how challenging.” Instead of “I’m a quick learner,” say “I truly enjoy learning new things and find it easy to pick up required skills.” And instead of “I constantly go above and above,” use “I sincerely enjoy excelling and pushing myself.”
I’m looking forward to projects allowing me to develop and progress.”

Then, practise beforehand. As a result, your responses will sound smooth and confident.

How NOT to Answer This Question

We thought we’d go through some of the things you should certainly avoid when answering the “What makes you unique” interview question now that we’ve shown you the best strategies for answering it.

1. Oversharing

Yes, the hiring manager is interested in what makes you unique, but only in the context of the job. Keep your truly private information private. Remember that they are interested in how your unique skills can benefit the organisation, not that you spend your weekends dressing up your dog in period costumes and reenacting fundamental historical conflicts.

2. Being Generic

This has already been mentioned, but it bears repeating. While it may be tempting to skip through this question because it is difficult to answer, don’t settle for bland, dull responses with no examples.

3. Being Negative

This is not a time for you to bash the other job candidates who are applying for the post. Don’t take this as an opportunity to tell the recruiting manager why you’re better than everyone else in the waiting room. It will not only make you appear petty and shallow, but it will also cost you points.

4. Don’t Get “Lost”

Keep your response brief, focused, and relevant. Use specific words that highlight your abilities, followed by a clear illustration. Don’t waffle on about irrelevant skills that have nothing to do with the position or the organisation you’re interviewing.

5. Don’t Lie

This is something we emphasise in these posts because it is vital. Be truthful! Don’t make up a unique ability or quality you don’t have so you can get hired. Nothing is worse than being recruited for a job you can’t do or talking about a skill you don’t have, only to be asked to utilise it. Be truthful!

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