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What You Need To Know About Graffiti Styles

Around the streets of Melbourne, to most of people, graffiti art may be disregarded as vandalization. Every person will not identify or admire the graffiti style noticed in several places at present. However, this artform is dynamic and it is expected from the artists to sketch or draw the walls of the building, streets, shops, cafes, etc. 

If you take notice of artwork all around the streets, a variety of graffiti styles will be seen. So, here, in this article, we are describing what these techniques and their culture are. 

Different Types Of Graffiti Styles 


This is the simplest, most effortless, and most popular graffiti style. Tagging includes the “signature” of an artist, using a fictitious name. For creating it, an artist utilizes spray paint of a single shade and writes the tag name or recognizing mark of an artist. 

Moreover, tag names can be greatly complex in letters and manuscript in appearance. 

3D Signage

This graffiti style produces a detailed delusion and is also well recognized by the public. The artwork typically produces the visual image of a third dimension. Many shop owners, businesses, cafes, etc. make use of 3D signages for highlighting their brand or products to stand out their services in public.  

So, if you want to promote your services, products, or brands, the 3d graffiti is a prominent valuable medium. Do visit the stores of 3d signage in Melbourne, providing great assistance in a stunning and impressive style. 


It is an incredibly famous graffiti style. A stencil is usually of cardboard, paper, metal, plastic, or other materials. An artist places a stencil design on the wall surface and then traces the design. Next, make use of spray paint cans, to form a picture or text.

For making the design all over the wall, you can proceed with the same process until the wall is well painted with a particular design.

Throws Up

It is another format of tagging which is significantly larger in size and more refined than tags. This graffiti style makes use of more than one color and paint. In addition, an artist creates this artwork in bubble style with the help of spray cans. 


It has much more complexity than throws up. This graffiti style is usually oversize which covers an entire wall area and takes a fairly short duration. 

Moreover, the letterforms of a blockbuster graffiti style are generally in a block fashion. Artists make use of paint rollers to create it.


Like blockbusters, this graffiti style is also text-based, but it utilizes complex font designs that can be challenging to read. It generally specifies intricate interlocking letters, linking points, arrows, and many other decorative details. 

Additionally, the readability does not make it unattractive, instead, people recognize it as the most visually appealing artwork. Moreover, an artist makes use of multiple paints or colors to create it.

Poster Or Paste Up

It is an easy and quick graffiti style. An artist first creates it comfortably in one place and then posts it up on the walls. Like the stencil artwork, an artist proceeds the same copying process to form the designs


However, every person will not admire or enjoy the graffiti styles, but it’s not the goal of the art. This artwork is a remark of the self-expression of the artists or any vulnerable group of people. 

A graffiti artist does not desire to get popularity from the crowd or want a public perception of their artwork. They typically create the art using different graffiti styles only to communicate to further artists in society. 


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