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What You Should Know Before Buying an Air Conditioner?

Air Conditioner

Some countries like Australia make use of reverse cycle air conditioning. It is so common that almost half the households in the country use this system of air conditioning to cool their homes. There must be some reason why this system is so popular. To understand its popularity, you first must understand its basics and how it works. Then you will get a fair idea of why this system is the preferred choice for Australians

How Does the System Operate?

The basics that govern an air conditioning system are:

  • Warm air is sucked in through the filters in the air conditioner
  • Once inside, the warm air circulates over the coils that contain the cold refrigerant, this makes the fluid hot and the air cooler
  • Then a big fan blows this cool air into the room and the cycle is repeated until the room becomes cooler
  • The cold refrigerant which became hot flows through the compressor and with an increase in pressure cools down in the condenser unit

This is the basic way how an air conditioning system works. In a reverse cycle system, the flow of gas is in the opposite way. This is your reverse cycle air conditioning system. Thus, air conditioners can heat as well as cool your homes when it is necessary.

The Crucial Components of An Air Conditioning System

There are 4 major components in an air conditioning system that make the entire system operate so smoothly. They are:

  • Evaporator – this is the system that receives the liquid refrigerant when it evaporates and cools it by removing the humidity and heat from it making use of the refrigerant that is present in it.
  • Condenser – This makes the transfer of heat easy by condensing the gas back to its original liquid form. The heated coils release the collected heat into the atmosphere.
  • Expansion valve – It simply controls the refrigerant to the evaporator
  • Compressor – This is where the refrigerant is pressurized and acts like a pump that helps to move the refrigerant between the condenser and the evaporator. This cools the indoor atmosphere.
air conditioning

The Various Types of Air Conditioners That You Can Buy for Your Home

There are three types of air conditioning systems that you can choose from. You must know what they are before you select one. They are:

  • Reverse Air Cycle System – This system has the capability of both cooling and heating the homes as and when required
  • Inverter System – The airflow delivered through this system is constant whereby the temperature is controlled and is in the process much energy-efficient
  • Smart AC – They are connected to the home network which enables them to be controlled by an app that is compatible with the mobile

Points To Ponder When Buying an AC

There are certain points to consider before you finally select a particular air conditioning system for your home or office. You must consider whether

  • Are you going to install the system in a rented place or is it your own? You must then choose between a portable system or a permanent system
  • The size of the room where you want the system to be installed as that matters a lot. If the system is underpowered you will need to work, it over time and resulting in its damage and extra consumption of energy. If it is overpowered, it could lead to a loss of energy and money

If you want an air conditioning system installed in your home, you can get in touch with professionals who have years of experience and can help you so that you can get the maximum out of your cooling system from a minimum expenditure. Since they have many years of experience it is best to get in touch with them.

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