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What’s The Best Place For Your Office To Have A Wide-Open Concept?

When you are a professional who runs your own business, you want to make sure that your office and workspace have the best design possible and conducive to business growth. This is where Vastu Shastra comes in handy – by making sure that the layout and design of your workspace are designed according to Vastu principles which ensure success & growth in business. Also, this ensures that the business is carried out in that space will be productive & yielding the desired results.

Vastu for office

A wide-open concept office is a workplace with large windows and an open floor plan. People feel engaged, comfortable, and creative in these offices. The great thing about this type of office is that it accommodates multiple people and the different styles of work that are performed there. 

People who perform more physical tasks typically have their own space in the office for them to work out, whereas others like to spread out in the main room.

This kind of set-up allows maximum daylight, a spacious environment, and most of all, the principles of Vaastu Shastra can be much more easily applied here. 

What are the best elements to consider for a workspace?

If you are looking for new office space, there is no doubt that it is important to have a wide-open concept. However, you should keep in mind the various elements that will make your workspace feel like a home. 

  1. The most important element is the natural sunlight or daylight, which helps to brighten up the room and make the people feel more comfortable. This acts as a natural energy enhancer for the office space. 
  2. The second factor to consider is the airy materials used in construction, such as wood or glass. These materials help by serving your workplace an open and fresh feeling which is much required for productive work.

What is the best area for work?

These days, many people are opting for an office layout with a large sectional desk. The idea is that it’s easier to get work done and be more productive when the office is wide open. This design has many benefits, like having fewer walls, less noise, and increased visibility. 

However, there are some drawbacks too like if you’re working in a smaller area than the wide-open concept requires. So what’s best? A design based on your individual needs.

What is the best way to arrange a room?

There are many different ways to arrange a room, but one of the most common methods is having the office space open and facing out onto a large room. It provides the ability to have an “open concept.” This can be done by using curtains or walls made of glass.

How do ensure the Vastu compliance for the office?

Several parameters need to be considered to make the Vastu compliant office. However, one of the important points is to ensure the sitting locations for the employees & directors are planned in the directions which relate to their work profiles. This is a very crucial step to ensure smooth functioning and productive output. For example – The marketing team must be seated in a direction that provides them confidence & social connectivity to help them market the product or services. The accounts team needs high precision in calculations, so they must be seated accordingly. Apart from the team locations, the utilities, color schemes, placement of documentation, etc. must also be planned in compliance with Vastu Shastra. 

Our home builds the foundation for life and business, working behind the scenes 365 days a year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Every space has its Energy blueprint. At all times, this ENERGY works for us or against us, and can hurt and hinder our work & personal life, or can help us to advance positively in our life. Vastu shastra aims to balance out our surroundings and reign over this tremendous dormant energy and use it to our advantage. Once we know this, we can’t ever ignore it and leave our space to chance and randomness. That’s what Vaastu Shastra is all about.

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