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Which solar panel will you require to power your house?

A typical home would require between 19 and 23 best solar panels. This is based on the typical usage of electricity which is about 877 kWh. If you are planning to set up 20-23 panels of solar, it would cost you between $13,000 and $16,000. At first glance, this is an investment that is quite substantial, but it comes with a variety of savings benefits in the long run.

If you are looking to find how many solar panels are needed for your home There are plenty of factors to consider. Once you have taken all of this into consideration it becomes easy. This assessment will be made simpler by laying out its many aspects.

Considerations to determine the number of solar panels suitable for your home

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Energy usage

If you’re trying to figure out the number of solar panels you will need to purchase, it would be helpful to know how much energy you consume annually or monthly. You can also calculate daily, on average. The amount of energy you use is different between houses. It is based on factors such as the number of people who live in the house and the number of electric appliances.

Check your bills from the previous year to find out the total amount of power you consume throughout the year. After you’ve figured out the numbers you’ll know what amount of solar power you require to meet your needs. On average an American house consumes the equivalent of 10649 kWh annually. If you take a look at the amount, you’ll realize that this is only 29 kWh per day.


If you reside in a region that receives less sunlight, then you will require a greater solar panel than cities with more sunlight. This will aid in paying your power costs. In the general United States, southwestern towns and states get the most sunshine, while those in the northeast get the lowest amount of sunlight.

Solar panels

Certain solar panels can be capable of generating a significant amount of energy on their own. The amount of energy produced depends on various things like the amount of sunlight or the amount of shade that covers the roof. This is known as the power rating and it is measured in watts.

The calculation

Once we have all the necessary parameters to consider, we are able to estimate the number of solar panels you’ll require for your home. Here’s an illustration.

  • Your home receives 4 hours of sunshine each day You just bought solar panels that have a 325W power output. In this scenario, each solar panel produces approximately 1.3kWh per day. If your energy consumption is in line with the average daily consumption of 29kWh that means you’ll need approximately 23 solar panels that have 325W of power to power your home.

Key benefits

Those are all the essential things you must know in order to determine the best number of solar panels you can install on your home. Although it may seem like the cost of these panels is high, you will save money by investing in solar panels.

In this case, you could hire a solar panel in case you aren’t able to afford it. The federal government also gives tax credits to new solar panels. Apart from that, many governments also offer incentive programs. However, the main issue is that the majority of solar panels are produced in China.

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