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Why Shopping Local Is the Best Choice You Can Make  

Name brands have an appeal of their own, no doubt. They are universally found, have a reputation, and give you a sense of belonging to a community that is spread all over the globe. While shopping for international name brands might be easier if you’re sitting at home on your laptop, you are a disservice to local vendors who offer similar, maybe even better, services.  

 If the great deals of online shopping lure you in, what if you received cashback rewards and other perks at your local store? Would that convince you to shop local? If you have been on the fence about abandoning your name brands for local products, here are five reasons to convince you.   

Stimulate the Local Economy 

When you shop at small or mid-sized businesses, you put your money where it matters. For each dollar you spend at a local store, about 75% remains in the community, whereas hardly 50% stays otherwise. Your buying habits make the livelihood of members of your community, while on the other hand, your purchase may not even matter to the name brands spread across the globe.    

 When consumers allow local stores to prosper, they hire locally and further boost the economy. Local brands are always ready to collaborate with other members in the area, meaning the local tax base will grow.  

Help Out Friends and Acquaintances 

Undoubtedly, your neighbourhood stores are owned by your friends, acquaintances, or family. When you make purchases at stores in the community, you are helping out a friend.  

 Another way to help your dear ones is by educating them about various ways in which they can market their services. For instance, almost all stores in Australia accept prepaid gift cards, and businesses can offer cashback rewards and other benefits when customers make a particular purchase. These offers are undoubtedly exciting for the community to decline.     

Preserve the Environment  

You are actively reducing your carbon footprint when you stop purchasing global brands. Everything from fossil fuel usage to long-distance logistics and pollution is reduced when you shop local. In addition, when you walk down to the main street to get your shopping done instead of the malls, you can save yourself from crowded areas and polluted air.  

Experience Better Service   

It’s your neighbourhood. If the store owners aren’t familiar with you, they will surely know your family. This means that you can experience better customer service than anywhere else. You can receive better service by escaping long shipping times and excessive shipping charges if you shop at your local stores.    

Give Back to the Community  

There is no better way to build a community than to spend your money at the small and mid-sized stores in your area. Local businesses are more likely to contribute to local charities and non-profit organisations than any name brand you will come across. Since these businesses have been around for a while, they readily invest in the community’s future. They can be key points in community history; sometimes, local speciality stores can even put your town on the map.  

Summing It Up 

The pandemic left small and mid-sized businesses in a tough place. While switching from popular brands may take some time, shopping locally is better. The impact of local purchases is so great that it’s a win-win for everyone. Be a good citizen and shop local! 




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