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Why Should You Use a Treemap Chart?

Treemap charts are a great way to see relationships between data points while also getting a sense of the value of each data point. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of using treemap charts and how to create one in Excel.

What are treemap charts?

A treemap is an interactive visualization that displays a tree-like hierarchical data structure. The area of each rectangle represents the magnitude of the data item it contains, and the color reflects the category to which the article belongs. Rectangles are sized relative to one another according to their data values. This layout makes it easy to see how items are related and where specific items are located within the hierarchy. Why use a treemap chart? Treemaps are a great way to visualize proportions. They can compare and contrast different data sets or show how a particular data set is distributed. Treemaps also make it easy to see which parts of a data set are the most important.

What businesses use treemap charts?

There are a variety of businesses that use treemap charts to visualize their data and data quality. These businesses include retailers, technology companies, banks, and startups. Retailers can use Treemap charts to visualize their product categories and see which types are performing the best. Technology companies can use treemap charts to visualize their product offerings and see which products are selling the best. Banks can use treemap charts to visualize their customer data and see which geographic areas have the most customers. Startups can use treemap charts to visualize their funding data and see which investors are most active.

How do you make a treemap chart?

Making a treemap chart is a great way to visualize hierarchical data. The easiest way to make a treemap chart is by using Excel. Excel is a software application that allows you to store and organize data in spreadsheets. Excel spreadsheets can be easily shared with other people, making them an excellent tool for collaborative work. Excel also includes powerful data analysis features that allow you to perform complex calculations and compile data into graphs and charts.

To create a treemap chart in Excel, you’ll need to set up your data in a hierarchical format. The first row should contain the top-level categories, and the second row should contain the subcategories. For each row, list the corresponding data values in the adjacent columns. Once your data is set up, you can create the chart using one of Excel’s built-in treemap templates. Select the information you want to chart, and then go to the Insert tab and click on the Charts drop-down menu. Select the Treemap chart type and choose the template that best suits your data. Excel will automatically create the nested rectangles and color them according to the data values.

You can also customize the colors and labels to suit your needs. Select the treemap chart and go to the Design tab to do this. Under the Chart Styles group, select the colors and labels you want to use. You can also add interactive controls to your treemap chart to allow users to explore the data in more detail. Select the treemap chart and go to the Insert tab to do this. Select the Insert Chart Element drop-down menu in the Controls group and select the Controls option. From the list of controls, select the ones you want to use. Now your treemap chart is ready to use. You can add it to your reports and presentations or use it to explore your data in more detail.


A treemap chart is a great way to visualize data because it is easy to understand and provides a lot of information. Overall, treemap charts are a great way to visualize data because they are easy to understand and give a lot of information.

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