Why You Can Rent A Water Purifier For Your Home Drink

Look Out For Some Essential Benefits

Your mother always tips a point to drink enough water, since childhood. When you drink a sufficient amount of water, then you stay healthy & keeping diseases away from you out. Taking intake of water can keep your mind, and body hydrated and at the same time, you can keep away from diseases like diarrhea, cholera, jaundice, etc. It is not only to drink sufficient water. You have to drink clean and hygienic water free of germs and contaminants. For so many years we are dependent on upon tap water, and it has been good for us. But nowadays due to a polluted environment, it’s no longer safe to drink water directly from the tap. Therefore, you can install an RO water purifier in your home. Ro Water Purifier Chennai can offer you the best Oxy technology RO system that can eliminate 100 % germs from the water.

Even if you adopt the traditional method of purification, the water is not free from all its contaminants. Only there is a need for hours to purify the water before you drink. For that reason, every household should fix water purifiers in their homes. Nowadays everything is available for rent, and a water purifier is not exempted to do that.  Of course, you can get a water purifier for rent. But yes, when you are renting anything just overlook its upsides and downsides. Water Purifier for Rent Chennai is reliable to give rented RO systems for your household activities.

So, in this blog, you see if you rent a water purifier, or you can opt for other options that fit you.

Why should you opt for a rented water purifier?

Sometimes buying a water purifier is a costly investment, and renting it is the best solution to save the investment.

But think it is best you can do that?

Nothing is wrong with it if you want to get alternative solutions without buying this option is best. Look out for some significant benefits of renting a water purifier. Water Purifier for Rent Chennai can give you the best one you want to have.

Cut your cost wisely

Buying a water purifier is costly for those who can’t afford it. Not only it can cut your expenses of purchasing but also reduces the extra overload expenses as well. Extra charge for installation and maintenance. When you rent a purifier all these expenses are reduced which saves your extra costly investment with no upfront payment. Pay it as per monthly rent. So, in this way you saved your extra expenses while purchasing it. Ro Water Purifier Chennai can offer you the best-activated carbon RO filter that can guarantee germ-free water.


Renting things is not a new one. We rent houses and furniture why not a water purifier for a rented house? When you move to one place, you just uninstall and move then again re-install a water purifier. It is not a convenient option. But in the case of Renting the purifier provides flexibility, you can return it to the owner when you move on. With this, you won’t take any headache of damaging any purifier and you can reduce the cost and effort. This will save time and money during move-out and move-in.

Wide collection to Choose From

When you buy a water purifier your mind is blocked until the need for replacement and whether it is suitable for your need or not. However, when you rent, you have huge options. In case you are not happy with the purifier you can alter it after the rental period. You can do this until you find the right purifier for your needs.  So, in that case, you have a larger option side and won’t stick to one thing you won’t like. Water Purifier for Rent Chennai can give you the best one that suits your needs.

So, renting a purifier has enormous benefits, it is up to you what you want to choose either by renting or buying. Yes, there is a saying, it’s not all roses and no thorns!! Everything has upsides and downsides both. While renting you won’t have ownership, and You get stuck in between time frame to give rented cash to the vendor.

Water Purifier-Rent versus Buy Analysis, stowed away expenses

Everything is accessible on lease nowadays. Bicycles, vehicles, furniture and home apparatuses included. Water purifiers are currently being given on lease and this post is to assist you with choosing if you ought to get one or basically lease a water channel for your home.

For what reason do we really want water purifiers? Indian urban communities don’t supply consumable water dissimilar to certain nations (like Singapore) where faucet water is good for drink. However water provided by districts is cleansed somewhat, the majority of us are not sure drinking it with no guarantees.

Options in contrast to introducing water channels:

Purchase water from water big hauler around 700-1000 Rs for a truck (1000 liters) (this goes up to 4000-5000 Rs during top summer if there should be an occurrence of private water truck providers). You might potentially oversee for about seven days with this much water (for a little family)- that is INR 4000 to 20000 every month. You might in any case need to refine it as the water is put away in sump, siphoned to above tank and got in a tap,during which it might get polluted once more.

Purchase bubble water jars INR 40-50 for each can (20 liters). You will generally require 1 can at regular intervals for a group of four involving it for drinking and cooking just that is 15 jars every month, around 2500 Rs each month. You need to save water and stand by till conveyance kid brings new stockpile, in the event that you run out.
Have your own well/borewell. Assuming you are fortunate to have an own well inside your compound, you are fortunate. In any case, contingent upon area, well water might be hard water or may convey pollutants like mud. Water levels might drop in summer constraining requirement for outer water. So you might in any case require a water channel.

When you conclude you really want a water channel, you’ve to conclude which type.

Least complex of water channels are gravity based channels with essential residue channels like a lime light or marked channels. These expense around INR 1500-3500 relying upon brand, size, highlights and so forth. I have expounded on Butterfly brand treated steel gravity channel here. Pureit, Kent and other well known marks likewise have fundamental gravity channels.

AMC is likewise an interesting part. Many organizations take cash forthright for the sake of AMC. Brands like Kent charge between 1000 to 4000 Rs long term for AMC-relying upon what is covered (electricals, non electricals and so on). Yet, heaps of individuals grumble that after deals administration isn’t immediate in any event, when AMC has been paid ahead of time. You will be left high n dry assuming organizations require a few days to take care of your protest and fix the issue. Same issue can likewise happen with rentals. While rental organizations guarantee all upkeep is incorporated, how expeditiously they address your interests should be seen.

Rental looks alluring without use limit. However, most RO purifier rental organizations uphold a month to month use breaking point and charge extra for overabundance use. This sort of totally ruins the condition. Allude table underneath. 120 liters each month is 4 liters each day-only 1 liter each day for every individual for a group of four insufficient sufficient for drinking-not to mention cooking and other use.


As we say everything has its pros and cons when you see all those the benefits discussed above here!! You, surely tend to rent a water purifier than purchasing. If you want flexibility and convenience, then renting a Ro system is best. Then if you don’t want to put more pressure on water usage and consumption and seek complete ownership, it’s better that you buy one. Water Purifier for Rent Chennai can give you anyone you want, rent a water purifier or buy a water purifier for everything at your service.

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