Why You Should Choose Visa Subclass 600 To Travel To Australia?

Australia is known for its stunning wildlife, beautiful beaches, captive tourist places, and fun life. Thousands of tourists visit this beautiful country every year. Are you planning to visit Australia soon? If yes, then there are plenty of visa options to apply for. If you are planning to visit the country for a short duration, then apply for a visitor visa 600

Visa 600 allows an applicant to visit and stay in Australia for a short span of time. This visa lets you see family and friends living in Australia. If you wish to visit the country for business purposes or medical treatment, this visa is for you!

Isn’t this great? Do you wish to know more? If yes, then keep scrolling. We have curated reasons why you should choose visa subclass 600 to travel to Australia.

What Is Tourist Visa Subclass 600?

The 600 tourist visa Australia allows the applicant to visit the country for a span of one year. The visa remains valid for up to three, six, or 12 months. There are some streams of 600 visas that a tourist can choose according to the purpose of the visit. 

  1. Tourist stream – Stay up to 12 months
  2. Family stream – Stay up to 12 months
  3. Business visitor stream – Stay up to 3 months

Who Can Apply For Visa Subclass 600?

The tourist visa 600 allows a tourist to stay in the country for up to three, six, or 12 months. The visa is perfect for those, who have requirements:

  • Visit Australia / Sponsored Family Visa
  • For business purpose
  • To meet family and friends
  • For cruise in Australia
  • Study a course for 3 months

What Documents Are Required To Apply For Tourist Visa Subclass 600?

To apply for a visa, an applicant needs some documents. Here is the visitor visa subclass 600 checklist. 

  • Passport valid for 3 months
  • Details of the finances need 
  • Physical and character requirements
  • No debt under the Australian government
  • Purpose of the visit

Conditions To Apply Visa Subclass 600? 

The conditions for a visitor visa Australia are the same as any other visa. If an applicant needs to apply for a 600 visa, there are some conditions that everyone should take care of. The conditions are listed below:

  • The applicant traveling to Australia needs to have a financer and enough resources for the trip. 
  • The applicant must fulfill the character and health requirements. 
  • The applicant needs to submit details regarding the journey, the reason why you are traveling, etc. 
  • The applicant should be debt-free under the Australian government. 
  • There is no age bar to applying for a visa 600. 
  • The applicant can not work with this tourist 600 visa. 
  • The passport of the applicant should be valid for the If the applicant has any debt, he/she must clear that before applying for the visa. upcoming 3 months. 


The visitor visa 600 is the best choice if you want to visit Australia as a tourist. However, you might need help during the visa application process and the best Migration Agent Perth. Our expert team is 24X7 ready to sort your queries. 

Get in touch with ISA Migrations & Education Consultants for best assistance during the process or book a consultation with Immigration Agent Perth. 

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