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Why Your Business Need Corporate Wellness Program Malaysia?

More than ever, employees are requesting workplace corporate wellness program Malaysia, and employers are complying! Only in 2017, close to one-third of businesses expanded their range of benefits, with health and wellness benefits seeing the greatest growth (at rates of 22 and 24 percent, respectively). Why and how should your business get on board with this trend given that it will only grow in 2018? Find out by reading on.




Lower expenditures for healthcare.

Long-term, investing in a corporate wellness program Malaysia may actually result in decreased healthcare costs for participating employees. The amount of money that must be spent on medical services is reduced by programmes that encourage employees to adopt healthier lifestyle choices overall.


Higher productivity.

According to studies, the typical worker only works productively for about three hours every day. As a result, increasing productivity ought to be a top priority for companies. The implementation of a wellness programme can assist you in achieving this objective; according to a different study, employees who engaged in wellness programmes at organisations that offered them saw an average boost in productivity of one full workday each month.


Retention of personnel.

Employee engagement at work increases by 38% when they believe their company genuinely cares about their well-being. Increased productivity, camaraderie among coworkers, and job happiness are all correlated with engagement. Employing a workplace wellness programme demonstrates to your staff that you are concerned about more than just the work they do for you, enhancing their loyalty to the organisation.


Reduced levels of stress.

Unhealthy work/life balance can cause stress, annoyance, and decreased productivity. According to studies, a third of workers typically feel stressed out at work. Employers can address this by integrating stress management services into their wellness initiatives, such as on-site yoga sessions, meditation spaces, and company-wide lectures on how to handle stress both at work and outside of it.




Classes for exercise on-site.

Many businesses are hiring teachers into the office to give their staff members free yoga and other exercise programmes. A fun method to boost wellness and mood in the office is to offer a 30-minute session after lunch or introduce “Fitness Friday,” where employees can let off some steam from the work week.


Reimbursement for memberships at the gym.

Paying for your employees’ gym memberships encourages them to work out more frequently and may pay off at tax time. Employers who agree to pay for their employees’ gym memberships can write off those expenditures as “ordinary and necessary business expenses in the year they paid them,” according to the IRS.


Lifestyle guidance.

On-site counselling, smoking cessation programmes, and nutritional counselling can improve employees’ emotional and professional lives. Having these services at work makes it easier for employees to embrace healthier lifestyles.


Tranquil areas.

Employees can recharge during the day or take a minute to collect themselves if they’re feeling overwhelmed by having access to a meditation room, designated quiet areas, or pleasant break room.





Evaluate your company.

Examine how a wellness programme will fit into the structure of your company before putting it into action. Have you ever participated in a wellness programme? If so, how did it go? What benefits does your business expect from its wellness programme? By providing answers, you may create a framework for getting started.


Organize a committee for wellness.

Gather a wellness committee now that you have a general notion of where to begin! The program’s aims and objectives can be define by interested employees working together. They might be the ones to come up with ideas for the program’s content, its implementation strategy, and ways to engage and excite the rest of the workforce!


Obtain management and employee backing.

Your health programme won’t succeed without support from management and buy-in from employees. Explain to management how a wellness programme will benefit the company, and come to an agreement on a precise budget. Get the opinions of the employees who will use the wellness programmes to determine what they genuinely want to be included. Find out what demands your employees have and how your wellness programme might meet those needs by conducting a survey or holding a focus group.


Implement the programme and assess the outcomes.

Now that you have goals, a committee, and management and staff support, you can implement your wellness programme. After the programme is up and running, send out semi-regular questionnaires to confirm it’s being use, meeting employee requirements, and achieving wellness committee goals.


It’s time to get started now that you are aware of the advantages of having a workplace wellness program, some potential ideas to include, and how to properly implement it. Consult the experts for more advice on developing and launching your workplace corporate wellness program Malaysia.


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