11 Useful Google Tricks That Help You Get Better Search Results

Google has made all of our lives a thousand percent easier and that is why we just rely on it for every little thing. Ecommerce businesses rely on google searches. But do you ever feel that you get a lot of unnecessary answers to your queries? Or do you feel like you are often directed to some unnecessary site that doesn’t have a lot of useful information? Well, this has happened to many people this is why some experts from ecommerce solution have some extra tips for you that might help get better search results. 

  • Search for particular words and phrases 

You can try and search for words with quotation marks. This helps you lead to better search results for your ecommerce business. For example; if you are searching for a word without inverted commas you might get millions of results but when you use them the google search will narrow it down to some thousand searches. These will be way more helpful and you can surely get your work done. 

  • Add hyphen to exclude words

This is in our opinion the most useful tip as it helps you search for exactly what you have been looking for. For instance, mango is also a brand and a color. So, instead of searching just yellow and getting hundreds of unwanted results, you can type Mango 

–fruit, this trick will help in excluding the color result and direct you to the brand’s website. 

  • Be website specific 

Are you the person who procrastinates till the deadline and then panics about how you are going to submit on time? Well, this google trick is something you are looking for. If you want to search faster and better you have to be more specific about the website. So you can simply write your search like “Cardiology site: PubMed”. This will show you exactly what you are looking for. 

Secondly, this trick is best when you are doing online shopping. You will not have ten different options to look from and this will help your bank account profusely. 

  • Search for healthier food 

This is the best feature if you are trying clean eating. You have to simply compare two foods by typing “vs” in between them. For example; brown sugar vs white sugar and google will tell you all the properties of both sugars by comparing them. This might help diet-conscious people list down all the food properties and lead a healthy lifestyle. Because most of the time we don’t have an idea about what we are eating which is why we end up consuming ingredients that are harmful in long term. 

  • Money conversion 

Have you ever encountered a situation where you want to convert currencies and you are not good at math or you don’t know what the currency rate is? Google gives you accurate conversions. So, if you are planning that trip to Turkey this is the best way you can make up your budget just convert Dollars into Turkish Lira and you are good to go. 

  • Search News 

Now, you must be thinking that what is so special about searching for news? Well, if you have an article to write and you know nothing about the 1800s you can easily search google for that. Google has got you covered in every little thing. 

  • Learn word meaning

Even the smartest of us sometimes can’t come up with a word meaning this is when these features of google come up. You can write “Define: the word” and easily get the meaning of the thing you have been searching for. This feature will help you with assignments and writing thesis papers as well. Or if you are a teacher or a lyricist this is just the feature for you. 

  • Order tracker

For those of you who are impatient and can’t wait up on your online orders, this is just the feature for you. You just have to paste your number on google and it provides you with a link. With this link, you can easily track your order. So, now when you practice gratitude be thankful for google as well. 

  • I’m Feeling – What? 

Have you ever thought about what might that I am feeling lucky button does on google search? Well, it directs you to the first search result. And make life a lot easier for you. 

But did you know what else it can do? It will help you search according to your mood. If you click I am feeling lucky it will give you options, you can select whatever you are feeling. Like if you click I am feeling hungry for instance, it will help you search for the best restaurants near you. 

So now you don’t have to argue with people over stuff like what to eat and what is the best adventure spot in your city. Your favorite search engine has got you covered.  

  • Image searching 

As students or someone in advertising individuals are often using pictures. The new Google feature will help you search exactly the image you are looking for. This feature requires you to upload an image to the search bar and then google will give you image suggestions for your desired image. 

  • Do Math 

We have often come across people that are bad at math. But you couldn’t care less about math when google has all the answers for you. Yes, you read that right. Google can do the math for you. There is no easy way to describe math but we will still try. It can do both hard equations and easy sums as well. Like; planks constant and 2+2. 

If you use simple addition or multiplications it will show a calculator as well. And you can search for more answers that way. This comes in handy when you are in school or university. 

In conclusion, Google has the best features that make ecommerce business easier every passing minute and there will be even more in the coming future. Whether you need to study or go for an adventure google search has made sure to make your life easier but adding new features to the website. Ecommerce solutions expert use these tricks for better search results.

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