Pre-move Checklist: Plan Your Move

Congrats on getting a new home! Or, did you just get a new job somewhere else? Well, in any case, if you are here reading this means that you will be planning to move out of your old home soon.

But did you know that it is not as easy to move as it looks? It can be really stressful. But nothing is stressful when you plan everything right and your preparation is well in order. Know that you do not need to do everything in one go. Give yourself a break every time you do something and remain excited about your new home. Trust us, it’s very important.

Well, are you unsure about how, when, and where to start your move? Then it’s better to make a pre-move checklist. But what if you know that you already have one in your hand? Get yourself organized with some moving tips and a general pre-move checklist here.

Know about your needs

The first thing you need to do is to decide whether you need a professional moving company or not. Are you willing to self-relocate? And in this case, can you do it all by yourself? There are a lot of responsibilities and things that you need to do. It becomes very difficult to manage all the things together. It is always advisable to go for movers and packers within your budget who can sufficiently provide every service you need. Hiring professionals is always good for you as you can rely on them and can relax when all your work is getting done.

Get quotations for the move

Different companies charge differently and their quotation breakdown also differs. Some might charge you more for some services than others and there will be certain reasons for that. Get quotations from a number of companies near you and compare their charges and services to choose the best one for you. Also, it is advisable that you must not look for their costs only. Consider other things also such as customer feedback and reviews, their working style, their experience, types of services, etc. Get to know if the company you are choosing is reliable or not.

Create a moving budget

Moving is a costly process and you will need to manage your money before you dive into it. there will be a lot of expenses on everything and you need to plan how much you will be willing to put into something. You can plan how to negotiate with your movers and packers and how you can effectively cut costs while moving. For example, you can manage to arrange your moving supplies for free or you can ask for offers from your moving company. You can also pack by yourself to move on a low budget. See all those things and make a budget for each and every activity.

Plan your packing strategy

You must start packing much ahead of the time of the move. Plan your packing on how you are going to pack different items at your home and make a list of everything that needs to be packed. Planning will make it easy for you and you can pack effectively.

Get rid of items that you don’t need

There are many items in our homes that we are thinking about getting rid of or they are lying uselessly for years. For example, there might be some furniture, appliances, clothes, books, etc. which you never use and you would not need in your new home. It’s time to get rid of them and you must donate them to the needy or sell them as soon as possible as it will be easy for you to pack with time.

Get a leave

You know your job well and get leave for your shifting day to relocate smoothly. It will become really hectic for you if you don’t get leave for that day. Plan your other works also according to your relocation schedule.

Start packing

You must start packing at least 1 week before you will be shifting. Start by packing the things that you use less and set those boxes aside somewhere. Then start packing fragile items and décor materials. You must use appropriate packaging material for packing those items as you would not want them to break during the move. Use bubble wraps, packaging paper, newspaper, etc. to pack and protect them. Start packing your kitchen simultaneously. Packing strategically is always advisable and you must pack all the things except essentials at least 1-2 days before the move.

Finish food items

Refrigerator and pantry items are sometimes too much to finish. Start eating them at least 1 week before the move and avoid adding extra to them. Plan eating them also so that you can easily finish those items. Do not throw away food and even if it is left then donate it to the needy people around the streets or give it away to any relatives or friends nearby.

Pack an essential bag

Essential items need to be carried in a different bag as it will become very messy in your new home and you won’t be able to find your things easily. Pack necessary things like some food items, electronics, chargers, toothbrushes, toiletries, clothes, water, etc. this bag will be really helpful to you especially when you are moving for a long distance.

Plan to move your pets and plants

Planta and pets need special care. They cannot be transported like other things and hence there are special services to transport them from one place to another. if you have your own transportation and can travel with your pet and plants then take care of everything that they will require during the journey. Take care of plants and get them specially packed so that they are getting enough air and are positioned well so that they do not get crushed by anything else.

Plan your moving day

As you have done everything like hiring movers and packers Mumbai to Hyderabad, packing, planning, etc. You just need to be sure about the day of moving. Plan your moving day on how and when to do everything. Check over your utilities and your both homes to know if everything is going well. You must also be prepared for the unexpected as anything might happen during the move.

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