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3 Bed Apartment for Sale in Islamabad

Apartment for Sale in Islamabad

Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan famous for its architecture and beauty. B-17 Islamabad is a project of Multi Professionals Co-operative Housing Society (MPCHS). Many of the builders and real estate companies are working there. Cloud Tower-1 is the project of Cloud Services at Block G of B-17 Islamabad. It is one of the most awaited projects, that has remarkable features. Smart buildings will be with a high data rate connection.


Buy an apartment for your complete house. People are very interested to invest in Islamabad because of its beauty and the education/ job opportunities. Most overseas Pakistanis also like to invest in Islamabad for their future. Cloud Tower-1 offers Studio apartments, 1 bed, 2 bed, and 3 bedroom luxury apartments for sale in Islamabad. You can book an apartment according to your requirements and choice.


In this article, we will discuss the Apartments designs of Cloud-Tower 1 in detail. After reading this article you’ll be able to decide the type of Apartment you must. Let’s Start!


Apartments in Cloud Tower-1:


The specialty of the Cloud Tower- 1 apartment is its scenic views. In each apartment, one wall of the bedroom is construct of glass. Privacy is a great concern for everyone. In the apartments, none of the one apartment doors or windows is open in front of other apartments. CCTV cameras are install for the security system. All the services for basic needs will be available in the building.


The play area, Day Care Center and rooftop restaurant, Senior citizen lounge is the main attraction of this project. A separate place for the elders is design to sit and play the table games, talk, and enjoy. Pharmacy is available with the doctor to meet in any emergency. Types of the Apartments offered by Cloud Services in this project are these:


  • Studio Apartment
  • 1-Bed Apartment
  • 2-Bed Apartment
  • 3-Bed Apartment
  • Duplex Apartments


Studio Apartment:


Studio Apartments are design in four different styles. Each design has one attached Washroom in a bedroom and a separate place for the Wardrobe. A kitchenette is design in the room to place a microwave and a small stove to make tea. The terrace is attach to the bedroom to enjoy the scenic views and has tea with friends and guests. 300 sq. ft area is allot for car parking.


    1-Bed Apartment:


Cloud Services introduces the 5 designs for 1-bed apartments. In their designs, one bedroom, one TV Lounge, Kitchen, Attach washroom with Kitchen and the wide traces is available. All 5 designs are different from each other in dimensions but they have the same features.300 sq. ft is allot for the car parking for each apartment. One glass wall in the bedroom shows scenic views. Service Balcony is also available in the kitchen to avoid heat-trapping in a room. Come and invest in B-17 Islamabad, and live a splendid life.


   2-Bed Apartments:


In 2-Bed Apartments, 3 distinct designs are introduce. The dimensions and settings of the apartments are different but they have the same amenities. It has two bedrooms, Lounge, Wardrobe, Terrace, attached washroom with the bedrooms. And with the kitchen small store room is also available to place the unused things. 


In Type B, there is the addition of a study room with an attached washroom. In Kitchen, Service Balcony is available. Same car parking is allotted as amore more car parking slots can also be obtained. The rates and floor plans of each type are different from each other.


  3-Bed Apartments:


A service balcony with the kitchen is the new feature that is introduced by Cloud Services first time. In 3 designs of 3-Bed Apartments attach washrooms are available. A separate wardrobe place is allotted in each bedroom. In type Type A2, there are two bedrooms and one drawing room. The store is attached to the kitchen. 3-bed apartments for sale in Islamabad in installments are available. Don’t miss the chance and get your permanent residence in easy installments.


Duplex Apartments:


Duplex Apartments are two-floor apartments, the stairs are inside the apartment to go to the upper floor. Its floor plan is design in different ways. In the Type Duplex A. at the lower level, there is one bedroom and drawing room with the attached washroom, store room, TV Lounge, and Kitchen. With the kitchen, there is a wide terrace where you can easily sit and enjoy the scenes of Margalla hills. Then at the upper level, 2 bedrooms, a TV lounge, a Wide Terrace,  and the Maid room. 

Type Duplex A

In the type Duplex A1, there are 4 bedrooms, three bedrooms at the upper level and one at the lower level. On the lower level, there is a wide loungue with an open kitchen to it and a drawing room. Laundry is available, with it the stairs are going up. Duplex A2 has one bed at the lower level with the drawing room and L.L Duplex lounge and the kitchen. Open wide terraces are available for gatherings. On the upper level, it has two bedrooms, with the lounge and the maid rooms.

Type Duplex B

In type Duplex B, one bedroom and the drawing room are available. A wide open terrace, kitchen, and lounge are present at the lower level. On the upper level, there will be two bedrooms with the attached washroom and the maid room. In B1, one bedroom, drawing, and kitchen are on the lower level and the two bedrooms with the maid room are on the upper level. Attach washrooms are available with the rooms.


In Duplex B2, the lower level has one bedroom and the drawing room with the attached washroom, Terrace, Kitchen with a service balcony, and a lounge. On the upper level 2 bedrooms, a maid room, a store, and a terrace are available.


So, it is the complete description of the cloud tower-1 apartments. This will enhance the beauty of B-17 Islamabad. This will have an observatory skywalk, smart building, and security. If you want to know more, then visit Cloud Mall, Plot no. 3 Markaz Block B-1 Ext, Multi-Gardens, B-17, MPCHS Islamabad. Or Contact:+92 348 111 5505


About Us:


Cloud services Company is registered as a builder. The main office is present at Cloud Mall, Plot no. 3 Markaz Block B-1 Ext, Multi-Gardens, B-17, MPCHS Islamabad. They are providing cost-effective solutions. In 2012, telecommunications experts started their journey as software providers. But in 2015, they mold the company and start focusing on Property development. 


Cloud Vilas I & II, Cloud Mall, and Cloud Emporium projects are completed by the cloud services. Now they are focusing on the next project at B-17 Islamabad Block G, Cloud Tower-1. It will be a 26-floor building, a property approved by RDA. Introducing the roof-top restaurants, Senior Citizen lounge, play area. Daycare center, Male & female gyms, and many more. Scenic views will be see from the bedroom, a wide passage with a glass wall. 


Cloud service will provide a high data rate on each floor, and all mobile network connectivity. Their aim is to provide the project with high data connectivity and energy efficiency. They make their buildings with smart solutions, like automatic on & off of the lights and fans. Our intention in starting a business is to provide cost-effective housing options. And properties to our citizens in Islamabad real estate. For more details visit or Call us at: +92 348 111 5505

Cloud Services

Are you lookin to buy Apartments for sale in Islamabadthen you are on the right place because cloud villas going to launch new project cloud tower-1. Cloud tower 1 is an apartment building in Islamabad. if you want to more information then must be visit Cloud villas or get more information: +92 340 311 3333.

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