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4 Tips To Holistic Health Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

Must drink enough 2 liters of water every day, drinking coffee is harmful, fresh food is better than frozen food … are the advice you often hear every day. Updating multi-dimensional information is how we equip knowledge for better health care. However, no one can fully verify the accuracy and effectiveness of the advice brought.  

Drink 2 liters of water every day

According to experts, summer with high heat makes many people tired and uncomfortable. The body has to sweat a lot, leading to the risk of dehydration, electrolyte loss, and dangerous heart rhythm disturbances. Normally, each person should drink 1-1.5 liters of water, but in the summer it must be doubled, depending on each person’s location.

However, you can also replace it with soups, fruits, milk, vegetables rich in vitamin C to help the body retain water. Summer drinks such as coconut water, lemonade can help reduce body heat. Avoid drinking coffee and tea. Eat more vegetables. Limit drinking alcohol-containing liquids or water with a lot of sugar, which makes the body more dehydrated. Avoid cold drinks as they can cause stomach cramps, weakening the immune system.

Therefore, if your body is not too thirsty, manifested in the color of transparent urine almost watercolor, do not be too rigid to apply the above advice.

Drinking water is an essential thing in everyone’s life, in the current covid 19 pandemic situation, you can buy purified drinking water online to ensure safety. Of course, there will be many incentives such as discount codes, coupons to help you save even more, which is also very convenient.

Drinking too much coffee will be harmful for health

Coffee is a favorite drink of many people, but there are many conflicting studies, so it is difficult for people to filter information. For example, a study published in  The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that drinking 6 or more cups of coffee a day increases the risk of heart disease by 22%. The cause is thought to be caffeine leading to high blood pressure.

In contrast, the William Harvey Institute from Queen Mary University (UK) published the results of a new study on the effects of coffee on health showing that both low and high coffee drinkers did not show signs of arteriosclerosis. heart or heart-related problems.

According to experts in the world, coffee has the effect of stimulating the nerves, increasing alertness, reducing fatigue, and improving the mind. However, if the user abuses it, it can cause many serious harms to health, especially for children.

Therefore, you can drink coffee at least once a day, unless specifically directed by your doctor due to your physical condition.

Fresh food is better than frozen food for health

Most people assume that fresh food is always better than frozen food. However, properly frozen storage is still safe because the nutrients have been retained by freezing.

Note that when storing, the refrigerator should not be too warm because above 4 degrees Celsius is an environment for bacteria to grow. Leftovers contain the same preservatives as packaged foods to prevent spoilage and contamination. Meat should be stored in its packaging until cooked. Store leftovers in a covered container.

Washing fruits and vegetables before storing them in the refrigerator cause them to spoil quickly if they are still damp and the refrigerator is susceptible to contamination. Should be washed and dried with a paper towel or clean cloth before placing in the refrigerator.

The cabinet should be cleaned once a month to kill bacteria. The procedure for cleaning the refrigerator is to first take all the food out and clean the surface of the refrigerator with warm soapy water. Then, use vinegar or baking soda to clean, and then dry with a clean paper towel or kitchen towel.

Eggs increase cholesterol

Many people are concerned that the amount of cholesterol and fat in egg yolk when entering the body will be harmful to health, increasing the risk of cardiovascular disease. This is wrong. Cholesterol is an indispensable substance in the body, it has the effect of producing steroid hormones necessary for the normal development and functioning of the human body, including both male and female sex hormones. In addition, cholesterol is also a structural component of cells, creating bile, enhancing immunity.

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Cholesterol in food is completely different from cholesterol in the blood. So eating a lot of foods containing cholesterol is not associated with an increase in blood cholesterol levels.

The same goes for fats, there are good fats and there are bad fats. The fat in egg yolks is unsaturated fat. They play an important role in storing energy, regulating activity. And helping to reduce cholesterol in place of saturated fat in the daily diet. Experts said that eggs are one of the foods that provide a lot of protein with high biological value and are easily absorbed.

The protein absorption rate of eggs is 100%. Equivalent to the protein in milk if you know how to cook it properly. In addition, egg yolk also provides a lot of fat, vitamins. And minerals that are essential for the development of children such as iron, vitamin A, zinc… Therefore, eggs are a nutritious food.

In addition, when eating raw chicken eggs, the absorption and digestion rate is only 40%; in boiled eggs is 100%; fried eggs cooked to 98.5%; old fried eggs 81%; omelet 85%; boiled eggs 87.5%. Therefore, it is best to eat hard-boiled eggs, while ensuring nutrients such as protein, lipids, minerals … but vitamins are also less lost.


Here are 4 basic tips to help you have comprehensive health. If you are looking for some deals and coupons to buy supplements and vitamins for health, check and for more savings!

You should combine exercise with a suitable diet for yourself. Both to protect your health and to create a shape for yourself. Wish you good health!


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