Where in the Lost Ark of Peyto’s Can I Find Each and Every Mokoko Seed

Put on the most dependable pair of sailor glasses you own and get ready to search the island of Peyto for the five Mokoko Seeds while playing the game Lost Ark. Peyto is the name of the second island in Lost Ark that is actually a cruise ship; the first island in Lost Ark that is a cruise ship is called Cradle of the Sea Fermata. You will be eligible for the reward if you collect everything that there is to collect in Sea Bounty.

Lost Ark Guide: All Mokoko Seeds in Peyto

It is possible to conceal Mokoko Seeds very well; however, in order to complete the islands and all of the collectible challenges, you will need to find them.

When playing Lost Ark, it is essential to collect as many Mokoko Seeds as you possibly can because the number of seeds you find will determine the type of reward you get as well as the amount of it. They are frequently and very stealthily hidden, and there are a significant number of them. There are an absurdly large number of Mokoko Seeds to be found within Lost Ark, with over 1,200 distinct varieties waiting to be unearthed. You, on the other hand, have no reason to be concerned about it because I will be here to assist you in locating each and every one of them. Call me…

Do not let the fact that Peyto is, in all practical terms, an island fool you; this is nothing more than a load of nonsense. If you read this guide, you will learn how to locate all of the Ark Mokoko Seeds that have been dispersed across Peyto. Mokoko is the one who has my heart in her complete and utter possession! We are no longer in Prideholme, and the locations of the Mokoko Seeds are not shown on a single map that is arranged in a manner that allows for straightforward navigation. This is a very unfortunate turn of events. First, continue down the main hallway, and then, once you reach the end of that corridor, continue down the corridor to the right until you reach the second corridor. After that, you should make your way back to the main hallway. The very first Mokoko Seed can be found at the very end of the corridor that you have been navigating for the past few moments. This location provides you with access to a total of three Mokoko Seeds for your consideration. You will be able to obtain each one of them by following these steps:

The first Mokoko Seed can be found in the pool in the middle of the ship, which is also the location of the ship’s only elevator.

The second one can be found in a room that is situated at the furthest reaches of the ship from the main deck. Because I want to make it as simple as possible for you to find the Mokoko Seeds that are hidden all over the Peyto, I have created a map that details the locations of each of the Mokoko Seeds and where they can be discovered. If I have understood you correctly, you are already aware that Peyto possesses a total of four Mokoko Seeds, which brings the total number of Mokoko Seeds in his possession to four. In the grand scheme of things, how many of them were there in total? You have it right, there are a total of five. You can also find this mouthwatering morsel tucked away in the Captain’s Quarters of the Peyto, where it has been carefully concealed for your consumption.

You will have to make use of the stairwells that are spread out across the Market District in order to get to where you need to go. Because I am well aware that some of you do not have much of an imagination, I will not simply describe the location to you; rather, I will show you exactly where the last Lost Ark Mokoko Seed can be found in its original location.

You now have all of the information that you require in order to locate the Lost Ark Mokoko Seeds on Peyto, the magnificent cruise ship that is most certainly not an island but is also kind of an island.

Peyto is one of the game’s largest islands, and it has a total of five floors, which makes it one of the islands on which it is easiest to find all of the Mokoko Seeds in the game. Because they are not overly concealed in any one location, Lost Ark gold online will help you make a good performance, in particular, these Mokoko Seeds should not present too much of a challenge when trying to locate them.

Peyto can be found in the exact middle of the Sea of Gienah, which is also known as the Credos Ocean. It is also situated directly in the middle of North Vern and Anikka. In addition to that, it is to the south of Pleccia where you can find it.

Mokoko Seed One

You can find the very first Mokoko Seed on the Shipyard of Peyto, which is the floor just above the Dock (which is the floor you zone into upon entering the island and is also the floor that is at the lowest level). The Dock is the floor you zone into when you first arrive on the island. When you first arrive on the island, you will be teleported to the floor known as the Dock.

Access to the Shipyard can be gained from either of the entrances, which are located on opposite ends of the Dock. The seed is at the very end of the central strip that can be found running through the Shipyard. It can be reached by going through the Shipyard.

Mokoko Seed Two

Because things in the water aren’t always easy to spot at first glance, you’ll need to maintain a high level of concentration as you look around the area that you’re searching. seeds

The second Mokoko Seed can be found on the Ship Deck, which is the middle floor of the building, precisely in the middle of the large pool that is on that level.

Because things in the water aren’t always easy to spot at first glance, you’ll need to maintain a high level of concentration as you look around the area that you’re searching.

The beginnings of the Mokoko Three. seeds. After you have finished the task, the third Mokoko Seed will be waiting for you at the back of the area (image on the right).

It can be found between two stacks of paintings that are leaning against the wall and is close to where Corras, the Starfish, is located.

Mokoko Seed Five

The Captain’s Quarters, which are located on the very top floor of the building, are one of the possible locations for the fifth Mokoko Seed to be found. The first thing you will need to do in order to arrive at your destination is to make your way to the Market District of the Ship Deck, which is where the entrance to the Tavern floor is located. From there, you will need to continue onward until you reach your destination. The fifth seed can be found all the way on the other side of the floor, on the balcony, right next to a wooden bench. This location can be reached by going all the way around the room.

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