4 Ways to Style Jaclyn Smith Wigs

Jaclyn Smith Wigs

Ready to fall in love with hairstyling again using Jaclyn Smith Wigs?

Wearing a high-end, versatile wig changes how you look and feel. You can have short, sassy-cropped hair or long, lush strands in a matter of seconds!

Hundreds of hair brands offer wigs for women to improve their hair game. Among them is Jaclyn Smith Wigs, one of the best and most versatile celebrity wig lines, which you can easily purchase at the best prices from 

They appear like real hair out of the box – the shine, appearance, and movement are phenomenal! They are made from innovative synthetic fibers that can be used like natural hair. You can use a curling iron, flat iron, or any heat-styling tool up to 3500.

You can create an infinite number of hairstyles with Jaclyn Smith Wigs because they are highly versatile.

Let’s take a look at the four ways to style and up your hair game below:

Method #1: Straightening Jaclyn Smith Wigs

You can straighten Jaclyn Smith Wigs with a flat iron if you want to change the style depending on the occasion. Whatever style you have purchased – wavy or curly, you can straighten it to achieve a stunning straight look. 

Here is a step-by-step guide to straightening Jaclyn Smith Wigs:

1: Separate the Wig’s Hair into Small Sections

  • To make working with your Jaclyn Smith wig easier, start by separating it into sections. You can use your fingers or a wide toothcomb to section the wig, depending on the thickness of your wig.
  • Once the sections are in place, secure them with a hair tie or clip.

2: Start Straightening an Inch Away from the Roots

  • Begin straightening your Jaclyn Smith Wig an inch away from the roots. This will help prevent any lace or cap damage from occurring.
  • Slowly move the straightener from the roots to the ends of each section, leaving the straightener on for only a few seconds.

3: Apply Hairspray

  • After you’ve finished straightening your wig, spritz it lightly with hairspray to help maintain the style. Use a hairspray designed especially for wigs to hold the hairdo with extra shine.


Method #2: Curling Jaclyn Smith Wigs

Try curling your Jaclyn Smith wig if you want something more playful and flirtatious. Curling your wigs can add volume and dimension to your hair and lend a gorgeous touch to even the most straightforward styles.

1: Divide Your Jaclyn Smith Wig into Sections

  • Begin by sectioning your hair, just like you would while straightening a wig. Clip each section to the top of your head to make it easier to curl the lower layers. This allows you to keep your hair out of the way while working.
  • You can use different barrels of the curling iron depending on how big or little you want your curls to be. Start with small barrels for curls that are tighter and more uniform. Otherwise, you can use larger curling irons if you want looser, beachy waves.

2: Keep the Temperature up to 350 degrees

  • Keep your curling iron’s temperature up to 350 degrees when curling your Jaclyn Smith wig to prevent damaging the fibers.
  • You can start curling at a low temperature of about 200-250 to keep your wigs safe.

3: Curl Your Wig by Wrapping Each Section Of Hair Around the Barrel

  • You can start curling your Jaclyn Smith wig after you are done sectioning.
  • Take a section of hair and tightly wrap it around the curling iron’s barrel. Hold the ends firmly in position to prevent them from getting entangled in the clamp.

You’ll need to leave your curls in for a specific time, depending on how tight or lose you want them to be.

  • Leave them in for 10 to 15 seconds for firmer curls or 5-7 seconds if you prefer looser waves.
  • After curling one section, hold it in your hand for a few minutes to let the curl cool before styling – the curls will set and hold better.

4: Spritz Hairspray

  • Finish your curling process by applying a wig-friendly hairspray to keep your curls looking their best.
  • You can also apply a curl-defining product to give your curls more definition and hold.


Method #3: Adding Waves to Your Jaclyn Smith Wigs

If you adore mermaid-inspired waves, or it’s summer, and you want to flaunt elegant beach waves for a cool summer vibe – do it with Jaclyn Smith Wigs; we will show you how! 

1: Separate Your Wig’s Hair into two Sections

  • Separate your wig into two sections, one on either side of the part. You will only need fewer sections for waves because they are looser and less formal than curls.

However, if you have a thicker Jaclyn Smith Wig, you can divide it into more sections.

2: Begin Adding Waves at the Bottom

  • Only go up approximately halfway while wrapping the ends with your curling iron. You will get gentle, cascading waves – tighter at the roots and looser towards the tips.

Hold the curling iron around the barrel for only about 5 seconds because you want waves, not curls!

3: Run Your Fingers Through the Waves

  • After curling your hair, run your fingers through the hair to loosen the waves. This will make the waves become more voluminous and look more natural.

4: Apply Hairspray

  • Apply a fair amount of wig-friendly hairspray to your waves to help hold them in place. You can also add a little sea salt spray to give your waves more texture.


Method #4: Part Your Jaclyn Smith Wigs

Finally, it’s time to concentrate on parting so your wig looks natural. The perfect parting can make a huge difference in how a wig looks on you.

To achieve a perfect blend, you can create various partings on your Jaclyn Smith Wigs. 

  • Decide what parting you should choose depending on the style you have. For instance, a deep side parting can go well with sleek straight hair.

However, parting also depends on your face shape, so go for a parting that compliments your style and facial features.


Why choose Jaclyn Smith Wigs from 

Jaclyn Smith is a modern-day beauty icon, who is well-known for her stunning hairstyles. With her wig line at, women everywhere can get celebrity hairstyles in minutes.

Whether women want to try a hot new trend, a new length, or a new color, Jaclyn’s exciting collection at has the perfect wig style for them.

These salon looks, inspired by award-winning actresses and designed by legendary celebrity stylist José Eber, epitomize what’s hot in the world of high-fashion hair.

Each style is extremely distinct and natural-looking to capture the essence and beauty of today’s woman.

So, shake your head, darling, and model your favorite Jaclyn Smith wigs from today!


Final Thoughts

Use the right styling method and tools to turn your wigs from good to stunning. You can use these four methods to style your Jaclyn Smith Wigs right away. 

Since Jaclyn Smith Wigs are heat-styleable, you can use heat tools to achieve any style you desire!

Once you style them with the hot tool, the style will last until you use the heat-styling tool again. So you can wear a gorgeous hairstyle all day and look like you walked straight out of a hair commercial. offers various styles of Jaclyn Smith Wigs, and innovative heat-style synthetic wigs called the Versafiber wigs at the best prices. Like JS Wigs, Versafiber wigs are heat-styleable. 

Shop your favorite wig at and enjoy huge savings on premium wigs that are ready to wear straight from the box!


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