4C Hair Products and Other Ways to Help Your Textured Hair

The tight curls of 4C hair might seem like they have a mind of their own, but with any luck and the right steps, you can manage them with ease. For you to get the best out of your locks, you need to commit to building a healthy routine. Whether you are just trying to improve your haircare routine or you have never been able to get your hair under control, there is hope. From using 4C hair products to giving your scalp the attention it needs, here are four steps you need to take to get the healthy locks you’ve been looking for.

Try 4C Hair Products That Can Help Retain Thickness

4C hair is classified as extremely tight curls packed together, resulting in thick hair. However, each individual strand can be thin and prone to breakage. Therefore, you want to use 4C hair products to help promote strength. You want to make sure there are no thin areas or patches that stand out against the rest of your style. Look for products with natural ingredients that can help stimulate new hair growth or even oils that can help reduce breakage. These can not only support a thick and full style but also keep your 4C hair happy and healthy.

Hydrating Formulas Are a Must

Because of your thick curls, you need to make sure you’re getting moisture where it really counts, so don’t let dry spots go unnoticed! 4C hair craves hydrating products that help individual curls stay healthy and strong. A hydrating mist designed with moisture-infusing ingredients like aloe vera and avocado oil is a must for 4C hair. It can help promote hydration and nourish your strands. 4C curls need a lot of moisture, and with the right formulas, your curls can stay hydrated and healthy.

Your Scalp Needs Love and Attention

Under all your thick curls is your scalp, and with 4C hair, your scalp needs lots of love and attention. 4C hair products that deliver vital nutrients to your scalp can transform the look and feel of your locks. For example, stimulating scalp oil can help strengthen your hair, calm irritation, and reduce dryness. Look for a product with powerful natural ingredients like rosemary and mint. It can make all the difference when you want your curls to be as healthy and beautiful as possible. With such thick hair, it can be easy to forget about your scalp, but don’t make that mistake. Instead, give it the care it needs.

Curls Don’t Like Tangles, and Neither Should You

The tight curls of 4C hair mean it is more prone to tangles. Because of this, you need to stay diligent. Stay one step ahead of these tangles, and they won’t ever give you problems. In fact, it can be as simple as running your fingers through damp hair after your washing routine. You can also use 4C hair products like a detangling brush and a moisturizing hair balm. Either way, this is an important part of your routine. If you stay ahead of the tangles, you can reduce their frequency, and you will have a much better time with your 4C hair.

About Bask and Lather

Bask and Lather started after a personal experience with hair loss. After her young sister began losing her hair, Shaina, the founder and CEO of Bask and Lather, sought to find a solution. The family met with specialists who believed there was nothing that could be done, so their mom took things into her own hands. She created a scalp oil and hair oil that worked to stimulate new growth. Suddenly, her daughter was growing fresh, healthy hair. To this day, the Bask and Lather Scalp Stimulator and Hair Elixir continue to achieve remarkable results. Proud users share their experiences and love the difference that Bask and Lather’s 4C hair products and alopecia hair products make.

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