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Week with Go Puff

We got into a conversation with the developer Dalci to figure out more about her entrepreneurial path. The Go Puff Driver App’s narrative is on encouraging small companies and independent entrepreneurs. Our company was started by first-generation entrepreneurs Yakir Gola and Rafael Ilishayev with just one basic car and a high goal.

We are dedicated to using our business model to further the success of other small business owners for this.

We are essential it is to our customers and to us to support small businesses. Customers of the Go Puff Driver App say they wish to buy local goods and products by more than 88 percent.

App Platform for Go Puff Driver

Therefore, we give our clients access to the local products they love, delivered in minutes, while also assisting these tiny companies in reaching even more customers thru the Go Puff Driver App platform and distribution network.

In 2021, we introduced products from more than 500 local brands around the nation, led by a very varied group of businesspeople, including those from disadvantaged minorities in the industry.

Khan Najwa

We are honored to feature Najwa Khan, a remarkable female small business owner on our platform. Najwa established the Dalci’s business after suffering health issues and food fads. She developed a number of gut-friendly brownies, including her prepared Lemon Coconut Gut-Healthy Brownie and Almond Butter Dark Chocolate Gut-Healthy Brownie.

Najwa Khan’s Entrepreneurial Journey

Najwa and I recently spoke about her experiences as an entrepreneur with Go Puff Driver App and what advice she would provide to other young women.

Explain Your Entry into Entrepreneurship

Najwa: Despite the fact that I am a first-time founder, I have spent the previous ten years working at startups in roles that have prepared me to create a product from start. This encouraged me to take the first step toward achieving my entrepreneurial goal.

In the middle of the pandemic in the summer of 2020, I started Go Puff Driver App. On the day that went live, I learned I was expecting my first child. During the first year of the business, I self-produced, baked, packaged, fulfilled orders, and did fundraisers while maintaining a high-risk pregnancy.

Regardless of the fact that this was a very trying time for me, I felt compelled to grow our manufacturing and facilities teams and concentrate on direct sales.

Providing Wonderfully Delicious, Clean, And Fresh Brownies

Now that Dalci and my child are both over a year old, I’m able to expand Dalci’s and provide our fresh, clean, and wonderfully delicious brownies to more people with Go Puff Discount Code so I can reach already amounts of visitors.

What Motivated You to Start Your Own Business?

Najwa: I didn’t think the renowned and growing Go Puff Driver App had any food allies. I felt continual pressure as a consumer to adopt fad diets, avoid specific foods, or eat a specific manner in order to be “healthier.”

I explored the aisles for a dessert brand that was simply clean and also tasted good, but I couldn’t find a single packaged snack, dessert, or bar that was honestly clean, honestly healthful, and truly delicious.

By practicing holistic eating

By practicing holistic eating My stomach and my attitude around food were able to mend. We all deserve to live in a society that allows us to enjoy both chocolate cake. According to. That’s why I built the Go Puff Driver App.

Dalci The Word

the Bengali term dalchini, which means cinnamon, that’s where it originates. Growing up in a South Asian and Moroccan household, the spice was a way of life for me.

Cinnamon makes me reflect on all the enjoyable hours I’ve spent in the kitchen. cooking and eating together with my family. Because I want dalci to be a brand that makes people happy, I gave my business that name.

Some Of the Challenges You Experienced When Beginning Your Company, And How Did You Survive Them?

Najwa: To be a perishable product from the start was essential for us. Our brownies decay more quickly than other packaged foods since they are baked from scratch. We had a significant challenge since we had to self-produce because we couldn’t immediately go to a co-manufacturer.

To enjoy dalci at its finest, we must keep our brownies frozen or chilled. We had to manage manufacturing, fulfillment, and storage ourselves without the assistance of a third-party provider.

Self-Production Is Quite Expensive

Self-production is quite expensive, especially for a start-up- company. We are fortunate to have several understanding clients and partners, like GoPuff. Those who share our passion for brownies and have knowledge of perishable dessert brands.

Recently, we moved to a larger facility, which will allow us to grow.

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