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7 Stunning Facts About TAYLOR SWIFT That Will Bloom You Away

7 Stunning Facts About TAYLOR SWIFT That Will Bloom You Away

TAYLOR SWIFT is an American singer and she is famous in every corner of the world. From all over the world, there are millions of fans who start the day with her songs. Her journey was loaded with struggle and hustle. In the first phase of her life, she has faced several rejections and everyone knows how it hurts when someone rejects you. But still, she has never lost hope and put all her efforts to prove herself better than others. After the years of struggle, she has done what she has planned to do in her life with singing. 

Till you have not achieved success, there are lots of things that bother others like physical appearance and other stuff. Due to this reason – most people have criticized Taylor’s Swift voice and this thing was annoying for her. Today the net worth of Taylor Swift is more than Justin Bieber and she is awarded many rewards. 

Here are the top 7 stunning facts about Taylor Swift that allows knowing more about her 


  • Unique Number – 

In everyone’s life, there is some number that creates a large impact and changes the movement of the wheel of fate. Most people didn’t notice it but Taylor Swift keep this thing in mind and observed the lucky number in life. So if we talk about her lucky number then it is 13 and you may be surprised to know that – she is one of a kind who believes in this universe’s magic. Taylor Swift has said in an interview that – every time she has been awarded and the seat number was 13, also she was born on the 13th date of December. 


  • Christmas tree farm – 

In the tough times, she has worked several other jobs like finance advisor and many more. Those days she used to live on a Christmas tree farm and this farm is owned by her father. To become successful, everybody needs to sacrifice a lot and you can’t find anything without involving in the process. She has put herself down in every phase but she was having self-belief that didn’t allow her to distract from her goal. 


  • Film debut – 

Now she was part of the CSI episode in the year 2009 and this bring the most out of it. From that episode, the doors of many movies have opened and she has worked in the Hannah Montana, Valentine’s day, and Giver


  • Listed on the billboard chart – 

Taylor writes songs and every song she has recorded written on her own. Before singing, she has written and produced the songs for the “SPEAK NOW” album, luckily this album was listed on the Billboard 200 Chart. That news has changed the destiny of her singing career and after that album, people get to know about her in the industry.


  • Winner of 10 grammy awards – 

This is unheard facts for many and this thing makes her unique in every way. For singers, this award matters alot and Taylor Swift has received this award not one or two times, but ten times. Now you could imagine that how much hits she has recorded and today there is no count of her fan following. 


  • Had worked with several renowned celebrities – 

Whether it is about popular songwriter and singers of that era or collaborated with the global brands, she has worked with each one. This has all about the talent and mind blowing skills she own and she has recorded songs for others and themselves. In the year 2013, she has worked with Jack Antonoff and recorded the album, Sweeter than Fiction. 


  • She is philanthropist – 

Along with her boldness in songs, she is queen and charming with the heart. Most of the times, it has seen that she has come out as a supporter and always offer her help for the people who really needs. No matter what you have become today but thing that you always keep top of the head and that is – humanity and helping nature. 


Wrapping Up – 


There are following top 7 facts about Taylor Swift that you may be unaware of about Taylor Swift and today whatever she is, it is the result of her pain, efforts and utmost patience. Someone can do anything if they have will power to do anything and today she has proved it. 

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