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Sean Parker; Facebook Co-Founder’s Life

You know who Sean Parker is? Well, you along with your family members are using Facebook. If the answer is yes then therefore, let us introduce Sean Parker is the co-founder of Facebook.

He is an entrepreneur by profession who started a music file-sharing service called Napster. After that, he became the founding person of Facebook.

Sean Parker Early Life

Initially, Sean started his early life as a computer hacker showing his tremendous hacking abilities. After that, he joined Mark Zuckerberg while founding Facebook.

He was born in Herndon, Virginia, on December 3rd, 1979. Parker’s life was all about hardships and chronic asthma attacks.

However, those attacks were sometimes so dangerous, that he had to visit the hospital.

Even being asthmatic, Sean Parker’s unmatched intelligence was not ignorable. He was a book worm and was fond of reading.

At the age of 7, his father started teaching him computer programming on Atari 800.

FBI took a note of his hacking skills and forced him to do the work for nation interest.

His Love for Tech

Parker met Shawn Fanning who was about 15 years old, and made him inspired to become a hacker himself.

Sean Parker launched a network security company called Crosswalks, which helped other firms from spammy hacking attacks. Despite that, the business was not so successful for them but because of this they were able to secure future partnerships.

He developed an early version of a web crawler, a project that made him earned top in honors at Virginia state computer science fair. However, that drew the attention of the CIA and he later started working for them.

Family of Sean Parker

Sean Parker married to Alexandra Lenas in Big Sur on 1st June 2013. It was a huge wedding at that time.

Every attendee was given lord of the ring style costume and the wedding almost cost $10 million for him.

He had one daughter Winter Victoria Parker and a son which is not much into the limelight.


Sean Parker ranked number 5 on the Chronicle of Philanthropy’s 2014 among 50 lists.

After that, he was also nominated for the wired icon with Alex Marson for his research in DNA programming.


Now, he has been an active donor to cancer research, global public health, and civic engagement.

In December 2014, Parker donated $25 million to create Sean Parker’s Center for Allergy Research at Stanford.

And in 2015, he pledged $4.5 million to support the malaria elimination initiative at the university of California, San Francisco global health group.


In conclusion, being a college dropout to building his different companies to becoming a tech giant company owner, Facebook.

Sean Parker is a venture capitalist, a tech entrepreneur, and a true philanthropist. He is Co-Founder of Facebook, the world’s largest social site

Parker is widely considered a Web oracle; more than a few acquaintances and colleagues use the word “genius” to describe him. He understands not only computers and Web networks but also how people want to incorporate them into their lives. As a result, he’s been stunningly successful.

Finally, He no doubt is a tech specialist, entrepreneur and true philanthropist, and inspiration to many young comers.

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