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7 The problem of shopping psychology you’ve certainly had

  1. The effect of buying cheap things

To save, many people still choose to buy cheap items. However, any money is yours. These items often cost you two or even three times more to repair.

Solution: You should buy a genuine and quality item from the beginning to avoid incurring costs for the risks behind it.

  1. Racing effect

Many people have interests and mentality that want to stand out and be the center of everything. They even want to attract other people’s attention by owning items that no one has bought yet. This is the racing effect.

Solution: Make a list of what you feel you can do, what you’re good at, and what you are proud of yourself. This may sound redundant, but it will help you realize that matter is not the only thing that creates attraction.

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  1. Train effect

This is the effect of buying a product just because it’s hot and everyone has it. Even if the item doesn’t suit you, you still buy it just because following the trend is the most important thing.

Solution: Reconsider yourself; try to ask if what you want to spend money on is something you like or just something to follow the crowd.

  1. Purchase effect for the future

Many women think: “I will buy this dress because I will lose weight no matter what” or “You have to buy sportswear to have the motivation to exercise.” However, the result is that after buying it, you just throw it in a corner and never use it once.

Solution: You should strive to achieve something before spending money on unnecessary things. Because these items only work when you do it successfully.

  1. Inspirational shopping effect

Today is a bad day or today is a happy day, your salary this month is slightly better. These can all be reasons for you to shop on impulse.

Solution: If you feel bored, you can find ways to reduce stress with other healthy forms of exercise or watching comedy watching movies. If you shop just for fun, think about the situation where you run out of money at the end of the month and have to borrow from friends.

  1. The effect of buying because you like a specific detail of the product

You intend to go to the supermarket to buy a loaf of bread. However, it ended up buying a whole basket of food. The reason is that this candy pack has a new taste, this jam jar is a beautiful color, and this cake bag has a pretty bow. Too many idle reasons cause you to spend a ton of money on unnecessary things. And you forget that the first reason you go to the store is to buy a piece of bread.

Solution: You should only bring enough money to buy the exact item you planned. Avoid carrying a lot of cash or a comfortable swipeable card to buy more leftovers.

  1. The effect of buying discount items

There’s nothing better than shopping-lovers seeing an item on sale. Not only that, but it is also heavily discounted for only one day. This reason makes it impossible not to buy immediately.

The Solution: Beware of these discount traps. Assess whether the item is necessary. You can use them in any situation. If not, skim through them and focus on other must-buy items right away.

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