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8 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Responsive Web Design on Your Ecommerce Site

The e-commerce market has grown to such an extent that even the leading physical stores are considering opening an e-commerce website. Walmart in the United States is the most recent example. One of the most valuable assets of e-commerce businesses is responsive website design. That makes it easy for customers to discover and purchase the goods they require using their smartphones. This industry has seen a significant expansion with the popularity of smartphones.

 eCommerce Responsive design is the only solution to provide a consistent online purchasing experience for all consumers, irrespective of their mobile device’s display size and operating system. With that in mind, here are some of the reasons: 

Why You Should Be Using Responsive Web Design on Your Ecommerce Site

The Use of Mobile Devices Is Increasing 

Over half of Us adults own a smartphone, and nearly 60% of all website visits come from mobile devices. Currently, there are more mobile gadgets on the planet than there are individuals to use them. The number of people accessing your website via a mobile device is expected to rise steadily in the coming years. If customers have a bad experience on your site, they’ll be less inclined to trust your brand and probably prefer visiting a competitor’s site. 

Mobile shopping is steadily increasing

Driving to the store is a hassle, but shopping online while sitting at your home is not only quick but also convenient. A whopping 80% of people now shop online solely using their smartphones. Thus as a business, you’re losing out on many opportunities. if your website is not responsive and easily accessible via smartphones. 

Social media Boosts Mobile Traffic

Most people now use their mobile phones to use social media. If you share links on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, you’ll get even more traffic and visitors from mobile phones. Therefore, if you want to develop a social media marketing strategy and utilise it for content sharing, you must have a responsive design. 

Responsive Websites Help SEO Rankings

Google recommends responsive development as a best practice for mobile web design. Google anticipates that responsive websites will rank higher in search results since they give a better user experience. As a bonus, Google likes when responsive websites use the same URL for their desktop and mobile versions rather than multiple URLs. 

Mobile phones have their own Google search algorithm. so even if your site is ranking high in a desktop search, that doesn’t mean it will rank high in a phone search. If you believe that search engine optimization (SEO) is critical, your website’s design should be responsive. 

Responsive designs work with a variety of screen sizes

Do you want your website to look excellent on any device, regardless of its screen size? There is no better way to make a website than to make it responsive. Do not limit yourself to simply today’s technology, such as smartphones and tablets. Consider the possibilities of wearable technology, such as smartwatches and Google Glass, in the future. They, too, will benefit from responsive website design and development. 

One website is easier to maintain and has a higher ROI 

It’s not uncommon for businesses to have two websites: one for the desktop and one for the smartphone. This was a frequent approach before the widespread implementation of responsive development. There were multiple versions to keep track of and update, which was a waste of time. 

Responsive web design ensures that the layout and content of your site adapt to the device on which it is being viewed. Additionally, it means that your firm will only have to manage one website. which means that you will only need to update information once, regardless of how it is consumed. As a result, less money will be spent on maintaining the website’s content, and the ROI will be higher. 

User Experience Is Improved With Responsive Websites 

A responsive website serves several purposes for your business, but they all focus on making your site more user-friendly for the people that visit it. A responsive site eliminates the need for pinching, resizing, and horizontal scrolling to view a whole site that does not fit on a mobile device. Additionally, an improved user experience lowers bounce rates, increases online conversions, and enhances brand reputation. 

The site loads faster using responsive web design

Slow loading speed is one of the most common reasons consumers choose to exit a website before they have an opportunity to explore it. People aren’t patient enough to wait for a web page to finish loading. As a result, loading speed is a major factor. Thanks to responsive web design, a website loads faster since fewer HTTP requests are sent. the server response time is reduced, fewer plugins are required, and the visual elements are correctly adapted for mobile devices. 

Now that you are aware of the importance of eCommerce responsive design, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get responsive now!

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