Have you just launched a new website and looking for SEO professionals to boost the traffic? If yes, then let’s help you. There are numerous factors that can affect the traffic on your website. One of those factors is the speed of your website. Website speed can make a huge difference and affect your sales as well. Are you still wondering how website speed affects traffic? If yes, then this article is for you. 


Let’s understand it better with an example. So, the scenario is you are a visitor yourself. You want to buy a product but the site is taking forever to load. Will you switch to some other website? Of course, yes and that will take second only. If your website is taking more time to load then the speed can cost you a lot of potential customers. So, do you want this horrible scenario to turn into reality or you are ready to take the speed of your website into serious consideration?


It will be good if you go with the latter option. There are numerous elements that influence the time it takes for each page on your site to load, therefore there are numerous steps you can do to optimise performance and user experience. So, here are some amazing tips that can help you to optimize the speed of the website. 


Optimize your website for mobile 

Most of the surveys reported that the majority of users are operating through mobile phones thus it is of utmost importance to run your website through mobile and test whether it is running properly. There are a few things SEO professionals follow to optimize your website for mobiles. 

  • Go with responsive website design.
  • Decrease the JavaScript execution time.
  • Decrease the number of plugins.


Decrease HTTP requests

​​Each of these items requires an HTTP request, therefore the more on-page components there are, the longer it will take for the website to render. The first step in reducing your requests is to determine how many your site currently generates and use it as a baseline.


Reduce the number of requests on your site by reducing the number of needless requests. Look over your files to determine if any are unnecessary.


Get reliable and fast web hosting 

You might have already known about web hosting and the hosting plans. You have to be very careful while choosing the firm to provide exceptional hosting services. Your website speed is directly linked to a web hosting company. 


The top hosting firms handle everything, so you don’t have to know what’s going on behind closed doors. There’s a lot a hosting service can do to increase the speed of your site, from high-quality, well-maintained hardware to routinely updated software components.


Although, you have to make sure you are choosing the right firm. There are abundant web hosting providers in the market but you have to make sure to choose the best. There are a few things that you can consider while finalizing the web hosting provider. 


  • Check the background of the company
  • Check the testimonials of previous clients
  • Check the uptime the providers are offering 
  • Compare the price of the services


These are the main things to consider. Analyse these and then choose the company that can offer better results.


Implement CDN service

Internet speed is still affected by the physical distance between machines and servers. This means that loading data from a server in your nation will be quicker than loading data from a server halfway around the world. This is where Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) enter the picture. They enable you to host your website on multiple servers across the world. CDN can detect the location of each visitor to your site and serve content from the server closest to them.


Reduce server response time 

One of the most crucial factors in how fast your page loads is the time it takes for your DNS query. A domain name system, or DNS, is a server that keeps track of IP addresses and hostnames. When a user types a URL into their browser, a DNS server transforms it to an IP address, which displays the URL’s location online. A DNS lookup refers to the process of locating a certain DNS record. It’s analogous to your computer searching through a phone book for a phone number.

Reduce the redirect 

The more redirect links your page or website will have the more time it will take to load. So, if you are focused on increasing the speed of your website then try to minimize the number of redirect links. It is unrealistic for most website owners to delete all redirects. However, if you want to keep your web pages as fast as possible, keep only the most important ones. When forwarding pages on your website, direct connections are preferable.



It is time to speed up your website and grow your business. Apply these amazing tips and monitor every move and performance, you will definitely get the results you need. Don’t wait for long because it is time to take some action. 


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