Accounting Vs Finance: Which Should You Study?

Accountants and Finance managers are essential members of an organisation or a company. Accounting is the process of verifying, summerising, reporting, and recording financial translation of an organisation or a business. Financial department focus on resource allocation and management of funds. Accounting is considered a part of finance. Financial subjects are more complex when compared with accounting subjects. Both the accounting and financial sectors offer a wide range of opportunities with high salaries in reputed positions.


Core Concept

Accounting subjects mainly focus on topics such as Auditing, Budget Analysis, Business Strategy, Financial Accounting, Financial Reporting, Forensic Accounting, International Accounting, microeconomics, Management Accounting, Professional Standards, Qualitative Analysis, Risk Management, Tax Accounting, and more. The Financial subjects mainly focus on topics such as Advanced Derivatives, Asset Markets, Behavioral Finance, Economics, Financial Mathematics, Financial Management, Financial Markets, Financial Engineering, Financial Accounting, Financial Reporting, International Finance, Private Equity, Risk Management, Venture Capital and more. Selection of course depends on individual interest. It will be based on interest in their specific subject, career path and job position.


Best Accounting Certified Courses

Some of the best certified accounting courses are ACCA(Association of chartered certified Accountants), CMA(Certified Management Accounting), CA(Chartered Accountant), CPA(Certified Public Accountant), CAIA(Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst), CGMA(Chartered Global Management Accountant), CBAT(Certification In Business Accounting And Taxation), PGBAT(PG Diploma In Business Accounting And Taxation), DIA(Diploma in Indian Accounting) and more.


Best Financial Certified Courses

Some of the best certified financial courses are CFP(Certified Financial Planner), CFA(Chartered Financial Analyst), ChFC(Chartered Financial Consultant), FMVA(Financial Modeling and Valuation Analyst), FRM (Financial Risk Manager) and more.


Career Potential

The common career options in accounting sectors are Accountant, Auditor, Payroll Administrator, Risk Assessment, tax advisor and more. An individual with accounting knowledge can search for a job at CPA firms, public accounting firms, cooperate businesses, finance companies, tax agencies and so on. The common career options in accounting sectors are Commercial Banking, Financial Consultant, Financial Trader, Hedge Fund Manager, Investment Banker and more. They can search for a job at commercial banks, Credit unions, mortgage institutions, finance companies, regulatory agencies and more.


Skills Required to be in an Accounting Sector 

  • Communication Skill: Accountant needs to communicate with their clients and coworkers in a professional and friendly manner.
  • Quantitative Skill: They need to handle complex data and find solutions.
  • Must have specialised knowledge in accounting topics and techniques.
  • They should have an idea about accounting software.
  • Awareness of accounting principles.
  • They must have knowledge on accounting regulation issues.
  • An idea about new trends in business industries.
  • Problem Solving Skills: They must be capable of solving complex problems that affect the growth of an organisation.


Skills Required to be in a Financial Sector

  • Understanding of organisation practice and principles.
  • Must have strong theoretical knowledge.
  • They must have research skills.
  • Communication skills: They must have to develop good communication with their clients and coworkers.
  • Knowledge of the stock market, trade and investment.
  • Update knowledge on new trends in business.


If you want to pursue this career, you should understand their roles and responsibilities in order to determine which accounting or finance certification to complete. There are many accounting and finance courses you can capture if you want to be an accounting or finance professional. Capturing an accounting or finance course can provide you with additional skills and knowledge. To capture it in an efficient way find a perfect instructor for you.


There are so many institutes that provide short term courses that help to make professional accountants. Finprov Learning is one of the best institutes to provide Accounting and Financing courses. Some of the accounting and finance courses provided by Finprov are PGBAT, CBAT, CMA USA, CA Foundation, PGDIFA, Gulf VAT, GST, SAP FICO, DIA, CHRPP(HR payroll processing) and more. These courses are provided to learners by the best trainers and with the best technical support.The practical training program supports learners to achieve the best in their career. 

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