Advantages Of 75ah Deep Cycle Battery?

Advantages Of Using 75ah Lithium-ion Battery

Lithium-ion deep cycle batteries offer significant advantages compared to lead-acid and other lithium batteries. This includes improved discharge and better charging efficiency, longer lifetime, and deep circulation while storing energy. 75ah deep cycle battery usually comes with a higher price, but the best cost is the product life. No amount of care and longevity makes them an appropriate investment and a wise long-term solution.


Advantages Of Using 75ah Lithium-ion Battery

  1. True Weight

Lithium-Ion batteries can be up to 75% lighter than similar types of lead/acid. Saving a lot of weight helps make your car lighter and more efficient to enjoy better miles and more performance benefits. The installation of the battery is very easy, and when you need to move the battery while using it, it is also very easy. Deep Cycle Batteries weigh only ~ 26 lbs but provide 30 to 40% more helpful energy than lead / acid batteries of the same Amp Hour capacity.


  1. Fast Charge

After removing the battery bank, you have to recharge it. The fact is that the Lithium Battery can recharge up to 4 times faster than a Lead/Acid battery using its existing charging capacity. This is because lithium is very effective in absorbing energy, and the Lithium Battery does not require the absorption phase required for a lead/Acid battery to be charged 100%. This efficiency comes from lithium and translates when using solar panels. The lithium battery will take extra charge from solar panels and be much faster and more efficient than charging a Lead/Acid battery.


  1. Long Life

Longevity is a significant benefit of the Deep Cycle batteries. These Batteries use the highest quality Lithium Ion cells in UL and IEC Listed and are limited to 4000-5000 cycles. Lead/Acid battery is among the best 500 to 1000 cycles. Please note that Cycle is a complete discharge and recharge of the battery. Therefore, we can compare these numbers to “limited cycles” because they directly indicate the battery life when properly maintained. In addition, lithium does not react to high temperatures as does lead/acid, which can significantly reduce its life expectancy.


  1. Total Money And Value

Lithium batteries are more expensive earlier than lead/acid batteries but offer lower ownership costs over battery life. They offer over 4X lifetime of Lead/Acid, and you will be able to store and discharge extra energy during Lithium Battery life. Additionally, you have some significant advantages with the advanced lithium 75ah lithium battery. They are lightweight, extra efficient, built-in Battery Protection System, minimal maintenance, fast charging, and excellent overall performance.


  1. Low Discharge Rate

Lithium-ion batteries possess a lower self-discharge rate than other batteries. Self-discharge is when the battery automatically shuts off even when it is not connected to anything. For example, if you keep your RV for several months during use, you will often find that you are returning to a dead battery. This is even though you may have disconnected the battery from your system. The reason for this is that a chemical reaction takes place between lead and acid, which causes this to drain itself.

This can be an essential issue for some who keep their cars longer. Since Lithium Battery has a very low discharge rate, it can hold a charge longer than lead/acid, even if disconnected.

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