Applicants looking for Hybrid Jobs and the Hybrid Skills

Hybrid Jobs What it is

Hybrid jobs In America, job hybridization is a dynamic trend that is redefining the job market and changing what companies look for in candidates. The fast adoption of new technology and the economy’s digitalization has altered the nature of work by incorporating technology into historically non-technical roles.

What Are Hybrid Job Skills?

Technical and non-technical abilities combined in hybrid talents. Depending on the job and the firm, what qualifies as hybrid abilities will differ? 

Few businesses, for example, are looking for administrative assistants who can just greet guests, answer phones, and manage papers. Employers want administrative employees with a hybrid job skill set that encompasses social media, website updates, presentation design, and spreadsheet and database software manipulation.

Simultaneously, the ever-changing technological landscape necessitates that individuals in traditionally specialized or technology-based industries possess the softer skills necessary to adapt to, evolve, and develop new goods and services.

Key Skills for Hybrid Jobs

Burning Glass reviewed a database of roughly 1 billion previous and current job advertising and discovered that one-in-four jobs are hybridized, and one-in-eight jobs are severely hybridized, spanning more than 250 vocations. According to Burning Glass, the talents that drive hybridization are divided into five categories. Some are new abilities, while others old skills that have been repurposed:

  • Analytics and big data
  • At the crossroads of design and development
  • Customer service and sales
  • Digital innovations
  • The ever-changing compliance and regulatory environment

Workers in historically low-skilled occupations will benefit from developing hard skills that demonstrate to employers that they are prepared to keep up with technological advancements in their field. Job seekers and workers in technology-oriented and specialized occupations may set themselves apart by honing soft skills that allow them to provide value beyond restricted technological applications. LinkedIn has compiled a list of the most in-demand soft and hard talents for the next year. Creativity, persuasion, cooperation, flexibility, and time management are among the most in-demand soft talents.

Cloud computing, artificial intelligence, analytical reasoning, people management, UX design, mobile applications development, video production, sales leadership, translation, audio production, natural language processing, scientific computing, game development, social media marketing, animation, business analysis, journalism, digital marketing, industrial design, competitive strategy, customer service systems, and software are some of the hard skills that employers are looking for.

Examples of Hybridized Jobs


Must not only learn to recognize complex cyber dangers, but they must also have strong communication and persuasion abilities in order to persuade management and coworkers to follow tougher security rules.


Must have excellent communication, persuasion, and interpersonal skills, as well as a thorough understanding of the jobs they are filling. They must also master data-mining abilities in order to find suitable candidates in candidate databases.


To produce appealing designs, GRAPHIC DESIGNERS need creative sensitivity and imagination, as well as communication abilities to extract consumer preferences. In order to use computer-aided design systems and web-authoring tools, they must also have good technical abilities.


Must have excellent verbal communication and relationship-building abilities, as well as a thorough understanding of scientific ideas and the drug trial research process.


Must be capable of interpreting complicated financial information and spotting economic patterns, as well as exhibit good research, writing, and interviewing abilities.

How Hybrid Job Skills Can Boost Your Salary

  • The average pay for marketing managers was $71,000, but when they had database management expertise in SQL, their average income was $100,000, a 41% increase.
  • Civil engineers earned an average of $78,000 per year, but when good people-management abilities added to the mix.
  • Project managers made an average of $75,000 per year, but after they learned Tableau, their income increased to $85,000 per year, a 13 percent increase.
  • General Managers made an average of $63,000 per year, while those with good data analysis abilities made $81,000 per year, a 29 percent increase.
  • Customer service managers made an average of $49,000 per year, but those with CRM experience made an average of $60,000 per year, a 22 percent increase.

Upgrade Your Skills to Become More Competitive

If you need to improve your abilities to be more competitive in the job market, there are a variety of ways to do so. You can enroll in online certificate programmers for a short period of time. There are certification programmers that lead to high-paying positions if you are seeking a career change. Consider taking free or low-cost online courses to improve your CV and demonstrate that you have the hybrid jobs skills that companies are looking for.

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