Are OTT platforms superseding traditional Cable Media? 

With the advent and emergence of over-the-top (OTT) platforms, the popularity of cable media is diminishing. The cable media companies are barely getting significant consideration to market and the content to the households. Cable service providers still have a path to reach their audiences. Some of them are providing internet-based services. Importantly, a few channels have turned their face from the cable service providers and going after the OTT audience with digital streaming. 

The concept of streaming the same content on the same channels has pushed the audiences towards OTT. The number of deflection of the users towards OTT platforms has changed the way of streaming and watching the content. So, what are you waiting for? Create your OTT online platform in Canada with Enveu. It is a platform that equips you with all the resources to bring your idea into streaming it among the audience. 

To know the reasons behind the upliftment of OTT platforms, read on. 

How are OTT platforms outreaching other content streaming platforms? 

The video streaming platforms have recently gained huge popularity due to streaming fresh and unique content. Previously, we used to rely on Youtube to watch the video content as per our preference. With time, many OTT platforms emerged and offered streaming solutions. 

Here is why the users are migrating to OTT platforms: 

  • Control 

The OTT platforms provide control over the content, user experience, audience, monetization, and almost all the data of the users. Contrarily, youtube doesn’t give you that. Controlling the content filters the streaming quality in your platform. This helps in broadcasting the content that attracts loyal users who help in uplifting your business. Having control over the content attract users’ attention and retains them for a long time. 

  1. Ad-free Content Streaming 

Ads bother the users and interrupt their watching experience. Since the OTT platforms avail fresh content based on subscription models. These platforms have opened the possibilities for ad-free content and the new-age audiences are getting used to it. 

Enabling the subscription services (SVOD), one-time purchases (TVOD) and more monetization strategies help the platforms to scale easily. If you are looking to develop content streaming platforms and advertising is your preferred model, you can target advertising and manage the campaigns and inventory. 

  1. No Involvement of Third Party 

The OTT platforms have the liberty to interact directly with their customers. They reach their target audience and deliver the content directly with a premium video experience. If you own an OTT platform then you can get the users’ feedback immediately. It helps the platforms to rectify the errors and enhance the streaming experience for the users. 

  1. Prioritizing the Consumer Preferences 

The OTT platforms have provided the freedom to their customers for controlling the content of their choice. Now, the users know what they want to watch and pay for that only. Based on the choice of the users, the OTT platforms categorize the content and the users can filter the content. They get the flexibility to adjust their consuming capability. 

OTT platforms are routing across the globe and here is what impact it leaves on the Indian audience. 


Previously, sitting in front of the television and watching the content with family was a tradition in Indian households. With time, the streaming experience is being personalized and customized. 

The technology industry has seen substantial growth that has contributed to the businesses for greater scalability. Now, the users can easily align and filter their preferences to watch the content. The data shows that the OTT industry has gained more than 30% of paid subscribers in March 2020 alone. 

Disney+ Hotstar, Netflix, and Amazon Prime are some of the OTT giants that have created a revolution in the content streaming industry. Though there are emerging various content streaming platforms that are satisfying the users with unique content and high-end experience. 

Somehow, the OTT platforms are replacing the theatres and other sources of entertaining the audience. 

How is the OTT industry impacting different age groups in India? 

In India, children between the age of 8 and 15 are majorly impacted and like to consume the content more than anyone else. The reason is the unlimited streaming of the content on these platforms. 

  • One of the biggest advantages that the OTT platforms offer is that they categorize the content for children and create a different genre for them. Such type of content not only entertains children but also educates them. 
  • The OTT platforms have also given opportunities to the entrepreneurs to grow the business by adding value for the newer generation. In slang language, the users use ‘Netflix’ and ‘Chil’ which typically applies to the age group of 18-32. 
  • However, the OTT platforms have something for older generations as well. These platforms update their database with fresh content to increase the interest of the audiences. 

OTT platforms are not confined to streaming the entertainment content only but also has educational, health and fitness content on the bucket. This is the reason that people of all age groups across the globe have something to watch. Also, these platforms offer content streaming in multiple languages. This benefits the users to understand another language and consume quality content. 

Enveu – Your Gateway to Manage OTT Platform Effectively! 

The emergence of the OTT platforms has helped businesses to scale quickly and effectively. Are you looking to create OTT online platform? If yes, Enveu can be the one-stop solution to solve the complexities of your OTT business. In the early stages of OTT app development, businesses face many difficulties. The storage bandwidth and allowing the users to manage their preferences can be the major challenges for the OTT service providers. This is where Enveu professionals help you. You can focus on your business and they take care of the rest to scale your business profitability. 


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