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Best Hospital in Multan for Infection Prevention and Control

Infections are common and can happen to anyone, especially children. Most children are more exposed to infections as they have weak immune systems. It is very important to prevent infections because they can cause big damage if not treated properly. Multan Mukhtar A. Sheikh hospital, a hospital in Multan is striving to become a pioneer in healthcare with a special center on infection prevention and control.

What is infection?

Microorganisms are the cause of infection, when these microorganisms enter the body and cause you any kind of harm, it is infection. These microorganisms enter and reproduce inside your body and they can multiply quickly. There can be different kinds of microorganisms that cause infections like bacteria, viruses, and fungi. These microorganisms can spread in various ways for example:

  •         By hand touch or skin interaction.
  •         By the transfer of blood or other bodily fluids.
  •         Intake of unclean food or water.
  •         Intake of airborne drops of water or particles.
  •         Touching anything which already has microorganisms on it.

Signs of infection?

The effect of the infection depends on the type of pathogen and the immune system of a person. Different pathogens can affect a person differently. These pathogens can sometimes become stronger than the immune system of a person and this is when the infection becomes dangerous and serious for a person’s health.

There can be different signs of an infection, and you have to consult a doctor when you feel these symptoms.

  •         Fever
  •         Flu and cough
  •         Headache
  •         Nausea
  •         Swollen lymph
  •         Vomiting
  •         Redness of skin and itching

Mukhtar A. Sheikh hospital is a hospital in Multan that has a diagnostic center for the diagnosis of infections which also makes it one of the best hospitals in Pakistan. If you have these symptoms, visit MASH for the detection of any kind of infection.

People at most risk for getting infections

Anyone can get an infection but people with weak immune systems are most likely to get infections. Weak people often get sick more than people with strong immune systems. The bacteria attack those people with weak immunity because their system is not capable of fighting back. People with suppressed immune systems, like those who have cancer or other diseases also get the infections easily. There are some vaccinations for the common infections, children get the vaccination for measles and rubella in early childhood. These vaccinations are for a lifetime. But if someone has not gotten those vaccinations they are more likely to get the infection. That is why timely vaccinations are very important for everyone.

Health care workers who work with infected people are more exposed to the infections and they are at the most risk of getting infected. Because infection spreads by touching and skin contact, also from the infected surface.  They can get the infection from anywhere around them. They use many preventive measures to protect themselves from infections but still. There can be ample chances of them getting infected.

People who travel to different places also tend to get infected. There are some places where it is necessary to get vaccinated before traveling. There can be different kinds of fevers and mosquitos in different places in the world. You can get malaria or dengue from a mosquito bite. If you are traveling to Africa you have to get vaccinated for yellow fever, otherwise, you can catch the fever.

How the infectious diseases are diagnosed

At Mukhtar A. Sheikh hospital, a hospital in Multan with an infection diagnosis center, the infections are diagnosed by the variety of tests that doctors perform at the laboratory. MASH has the best infection diagnostic center in Multan. Whenever you feel the symptoms mentioned above, you should visit a diagnostic center. The doctors will take the needed samples, let say, blood, urine, mucus. Or any other fluid which is necessary for the test to examine and diagnose the infection.

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Prevention of infectious diseases

When you visit MASH which is the best hospital in Multan for infection diagnosis, you will get to know the different preventive measures for infections. Infections can be prevented in various ways, there are vaccinations for some diseases. And there are different vaccinations for children, adolescents, and adults. There are new kinds of vaccinations and they are easily available at every hospital. You can get a shot any time you want. Some vaccinations are totally free. There are teams for the vaccinations of children which come to your doorstep to get your children vaccinated.

Other than vaccination you can prevent infections by washing your hands regularly. Especially after any contact with another person or after touching any dirty surface. Using a mask while coughing and sneezing. Sanitize your hands and the things around you frequently. And avoid physical contact with people who are sick. 

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