Interesting Life Lessons You can Learn by Playing Chess 

Chess is one game that has to do with discipline, planning, strategizing, and even that of dealing with winning and losing. Of course, the game is much more than a simple game. It might interest you that apart from science, Isaac Newton as well as Albert Einstein had one additional thing in common. Yes, you guessed it right, they both love the game of chess. 

You must be wondering why did they like this game right? Well, the great mathematician, Newton, used to play this game of chess to keep his mind sharp and absolutely focussed. Whereas, speaking of Nobel-Prize-winner Einstein,  he honed his overall rational thinking by playing chess. Remember, it is not just the scientists who found the game of chess more than a game. You look around and people who love this game would tell you endless reasons that they love it. And if you think you don’t know how to play it, talk to a and start learning today. For now, have a look at some of the interesting lessons that you get when you start playing chess.

The skill of Planning  

Just imagine that a player has lost both of the pieces namely knights, bishops and a trickle of pawns; leaving just the rooks as well as the queen to fight against an army that is two times the size.  The time is running . What the player is going to do? Can he really turn the game around in such a condition? Well, being a player, here you either take recourse to one of your well-thought-out plans or simply come up with a fresh plan soon. Remember to win this game of chess, you need to have one or two plans up your sleeves to do well. These plans have to be there to tackle with any unforeseen conditions. Without a good plan, you may find yourself shooting an arrow in the dark.

Now, in life, too, you often find yourself in a similar situation in which you are cornered by failures, anxious with doubts and involved in negative thoughts that sometimes drive you too quiet midway. For a school or college going student, it might be scoring poor marks in an exam; for an expert , it might be missing a deadline or simply losing a job; and for folks in relationships, it might be arguments or even that of insecurities. Now, how can you deal with such situations if you are there? Exactly, chess teaches you the ways because you learn to plan different things! Hence, you can implement the trait of planning through this game of chess.

Learn to Look for Opportunities 

The attitude and thinking of never giving up keeps you on your toes and urge you to spot opportunities even in the darkest of conditions. However, classifying a break and then acting on it is somewhat easier than done.  There are always people who simply procrastinate and this is exactly what you should not do. Just like in the game of chess, you need to keep on finding out new ways to get through, in life too you need to act now than putting it too tomorrow. Once you act today, you try to find out the ways.


To sum up, make sure that you learn in the online chess classes from India and get this game in your routine. You would not regret playing this game.


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