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Can I nail composite decking?

You might be wondering whether to use nails or screws when installing composite decking. The majority of decking homeowners installed their decking with nails. Timber decking is frequently installed in this manner. Is it appropriate to nail composite decking because it substitutes wood? This article investigates whether nailing composite decking is the best approach.

Installing decking with nails

There are various options for decking installation. Screws can be used to secure your decking. You may install decking with nails instead of screws. Hidden fasteners are the newest form of decking installation. The type of decking you select will determine how you install it. Have you had any decking boards? When it comes to installing wood decking, decking installers have two alternatives. The possibilities are nails and screws. From the top, nails are pushed down the boards and secured to the joists. If screws are used, they are driven into the boards after they have been pre-drilled.

Wood decking

Wood decking

Wood decking refers to decking that is composed of wood. The surface installation method is used to install this decking material. If you’re installing wood decking, you’ll either use nails or screws. The majority of homeowners utilize nails. Nails are pounded into the decking using a hammer after the boards have been laid on the joists. One disadvantage of utilizing nails to build timber decking is that they will show up on the surface. This means you’ll see the tops of the nails once you’ve fitted the decking. The look of the wood decking will be distorted. Owners of wood decking occasionally paint the top of their decking to hide the nail.

Composite decking

Composite decking

This style of decking is distinct from timber decking. You may make decks out of a variety of composite decking materials. The grooved decking is one type, while the ungrooved decking is another. You can install grooved decking without using nails. This means that grooved composite decking does not require nailing. Ungrooved composite decking is different, and nails or screws can be used.

Grooved composite decking

The sides of this type of decking have hollows or channels. Clips and fasteners are used to install grooved decking. The fasteners will secure the clip to the joists, while the clips will secure the decking on the sides. The advantages of clips and fasteners are numerous. They will not appear at the top of your composite decking when you use them to install it. Because grooved decking holds the boards in place at their sides, they will not appear on top of the gaps.

Ungrooved composite decking

Ungrooved surfaces do not have hollows on their sides, unlike grooved surfaces. Nails or screws are the best technique to install ungrooved decking. When installing composite decking, nails are not recommended since they risk fracturing the board. The nails are hammered in from the top of the composite boards. You can split the board if you use too much power and the nail is too big. As a result, we recommend that you use screws when inserting ungrooved boards. You must first pre-drill the board before driving the screws. This will prevent your kompositbrädor from cracking during installation.

How to install composite decking correctly

How to install composite decking correctly

Using clips and fasteners is the best way to install kompositterrasse. This necessitates the purchasing of grooved boards with hollows on the sides. The use of clips and fasteners has the added benefit of improving the appearance of your decking. This is because the clips or fasteners will not be visible on the decking’s surface. When you utilize clips and fasteners, you don’t need to paint the top of your decking to hide the tops of nails or screws.

Clips and fasteners also have the benefit of being simple to remove or detach. You can quickly remove the clips from the grooved sides of the decking if you wish to change a decking board.


Is it possible to nail composite decking? You don’t need to nail the planks together when constructing composite decking. Screws and clips are the finest way to mount your composite boards.

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