How Custom Vinyl Records Are Making A Comeback

Who doesn’t love to listen to good soothing music on their favorite medium? As music evolved with the new generation of online streaming, some audiophiles love to listen on an old yet classy retro medium like custom vinyl. How Custom Vinyl Records Are Making A Comeback:

Surprisingly, in 2022, Gen Z people will choose vintage collections in their clothing, cars, bikes, or custom records. Recently there has been an upsurge in sales of personalized vinyl records worldwide.

As famous artists and musicians release their albums on custom vinyl records, there is a rise in demand for vinyl pressing among audio lovers. The youth are taking up the timeless act of listening to their favorite songs on custom vinyl records, and they have collected their custom records that helped the popularity.

There have been long-standing queues of vinyl collectors and audio lovers in retail shops since they found that vinyl records are returning. Even if the music industry evolves and transforms, a personalized vinyl record will remain a vital element for many years to come.

There are many reasons why custom vinyl records are coming back. Let us discuss some notable reasons that elevated the popularity of custom records.

Possible Reasons Why Vinyl is Making a Comeback in 2022


If you are a ’90s kid, you will know how artists were releasing their albums on custom vinyl records and people hunting them down on long-standing lines to get their favorite album. It was like when Apple announced their first iPod. We have to get it no matter the cost of Vinyl Records, and the sales went through the roof.

Cool Factor

According to popular research, nearly half of the vinyl pressing buyers are under 25. Every millennial is finding a way to create a personalized vinyl record through a famous pressing plant.

If you don’t believe it, go to a vinyl store, and you’ll find a guy with pop-culture clothes who love to listen to retro music, which makes them look cool.


But the evergreen custom records are a physical medium you can touch, feel, and purchase in person, hold in your hands and discuss with fellow music lovers endlessly. Personalized vinyl records offer tangibles like sleeves, jackets, and artwork to decorate your favorite vinyl. You don’t get these offers in online streaming services because you know which song to click.

Custom Vinyl Records Australia

Collection of Custom Records

Profound custom vinyl records collectors are the ones who are keeping the vintage medium alive by collecting at home. A rare LP is hard to find in a random cardboard box in a local store. Audiophiles love to collect the classy vinyl because they are limited, and to recreate a vinyl record may lose the original sound quality, among other things. They also reconnect with their youth in this modern digital era.

Physical Album

You might think, who goes to a store and buys physical music? Where you can get the music at your fingertips on any smartphone. But the physical medium is not dead, and it won’t be. Audio lovers like to hold on to something tangible and vintage for the money they spent on it.

Vinyl lovers love to own, care and listen to their vinyl record collection. You get the artwork, lyrics, and record itself, which is a tangible way to get hold of your vinyl, while other mediums might not include these benefits.

Sound Quality

Many audio lovers feel that analog audio, like custom vinyl, has a superior sound quality to digital audio. Digital audio has compressed and lossy audio used by streaming services; uncompressed analog audio is unbeatable and transparent than its digital counterparts.

If you scrutinize the internet, you can find better digital playback formats such as Free Lossless Audio Codec (FLAC), but you might have to pay extra. In contrast, custom records are readily available in a vinyl record store. Vinyl pressing produces high-quality custom vinyl records in Australia with uncompressed audio that soothes your ears.

Listening Experience

In the era of digital streaming music, modern music has evolved with new technology gadgets like wireless speakers and AirPods. But for vinyl lovers, it’s a fair bet that they are spending money and time on hi-fi dedicated vinyl record setups in their homes.

Due to the enormous demand for a personalized vinyl record, pressing plants like Impress Vinyl offer short-run custom vinyl pressing in Australia, allowing artists and musicians to order fewer units and take advantage of it. If you’re a musician or vinyl lover and dream of releasing or creating custom vinyl records, now is the time to talk to our friendly team and get a custom quote.

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