Choosing a hosting for a website – useful tips

First, it’s a good idea to understand what hosting is and why your website needs it. To explain the term as simply as possible, this is a specific location on a remote server that you rent from a vendor to host your projects.

The provider or host/provider has special servers with the necessary software. When you rent a host, you get a portion of the available resources. The total disk space of the server is very large, so it can easily accommodate hundreds or even thousands of different sites.

Most of the time, hosting is used to host sites on the web, so companies that provide such services are working hard to improve the performance of their services to solve user tasks in the web technology world. Website owners should choose to host carefully, as the health of the hosting web resource in the future will depend on it.

In this article, we will discuss choosing a web hosting provider for your website. The advice given in the text will help users:

Choosing a hosting type

There are many types of hosting sites, each designed to solve user tasks of different sizes. A website owner needs to decide exactly what kind of hosting to choose for his project. At the same time, the choice should be to perform the assigned tasks adequately without resource downtime. Only in this case can a compromise be found between price and quality.

Virtual : This is probably the most popular type. On such a server, you can host projects that don’t take up a lot of disk space and don’t require serious power. It is easy to use and does not require any additional knowledge from the user. Suitable for business card websites and small information portals. Typically used for blogs with 5-10k people.

Dedicated physical : It is quite rare, since not every provider is ready to allocate resources for one client. In addition, the cost of renting a server is very high, so it is suitable only for large projects. For example, it is used for corporate sites with a massive database. Also, such hosting is suitable for large online stores.

Virtual Dedicated : Such hosting emulates the operation of a dedicated physical server, but is much cheaper. Suitable for placing resources with an audience of about 10-15 thousand people. Often these are various online stores.

Cloudy : Such hostings allowed to solve the problem of delegating a web resource. The provider’s capacities are concentrated on several servers, which makes it possible to make resources constantly available to users. Cloud hosting is often recommended for developing projects; many corporate websites and online stores are also transferred to them.

Location . This solution is suitable for organizations that have their own physical server, but there is no way to place it in the office. In this case, a place for equipment is rented from the provider. You can use this solution for sites of any plan.


The managed services market is a highly competitive environment. There’s a huge price range here, right down to the free option. Don’t blindly trust cheap options, even when choosing to host for a small website. Otherwise, the cost of a further investment may “eat” all the benefits of a successful trade.

Summing up

Many of the hosting providers’ advertising promises have a “dark side” that not every user or even an expert recognizes. Without the right guidelines, searching can be a very difficult and sometimes onerous task.

Hosting guide

Choose the most appropriate hosting type. If a heavy load is expected, it’s best to opt for a VPS, VDS, or dedicated server right now.

Calculate the number of system resources required for the stable operation of the site.

Create a budget to cover hosting costs. Don’t forget to include the cost of extra services.

Choose a reliable hosting provider based on the advice given. First, get information about the company’s reputation in the market.

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