Replica watches: This new exclusive model dedicated to the TimeForArt auction features clean lines and a dial with a hand-engraved stylized skull motif inspired by the “vanitas” theme. Housed in a 40mm case in ethically 18-karat rose gold, its innovative and refined L.U.C 98.06-L calibre features four barrels based on Chopard’s exclusive Quattro technology, providing a power reserve of up to 8 days.

On the occasion of the TimeForArt auction, the Manufacture Chopard presents an exclusive edition of its exceptional jumping hour watch: the L.U.C Quattro Spirit 25 TimeForArt Edition is a unique creation with pure lines and a hand-engraved dial stylized skull motif inspired by the ‘vanitas’ fake watches

Chopard uses 18 karat ethical pink gold for the 40mm case, and Chopard equips the innovative and refined L.U.C 98.06-L movement with four barrels based on its own exclusive Quattro technology, providing up to 8 days of power storage, which makes the Chopard Manufacture The Jumping Hours one of the rare watches in this category with such a degree of autonomy.

From the movement to the dial showing the time window at 6 o’clock, the watchmakers have produced the entire watchmaking process in the tradition of in-house art craftsmanship, thus ensuring the high level of finish that the prestigious Poinçon in Geneva deserves.

In 2021, the Chopard Manufacture presented its first jumping hour watch: the L.U.C Quattro Spirit 25. Highly prized by collectors, this watchmaking complication now receives an extremely pure interpretation that combines audacity and technical brilliance in a new unique piece. friendly model dedicated to TimeForArt. Offering a mix of tradition and modernity, its ethical 18-carat rose gold case features rounded shapes inspired by the hunter-type cases of pocket replica watches once designed by Louis-Ulysse Chopard.

The L.U.C 98.06-L movement that equips this watch is one of the few in this category of best fake watches, which generally consume a large amount of energy, offering up to eight days of power reserve. Thanks to the four barrels stacked and coupled in series based on the exclusive Chopard Quattro technology -which usually allows up to 216 hours of autonomy-, the L.U.C Quattro Spirit 25 TimeForArt Edition maintains a reserve of more than 190 hours despite the amount of energy necessary for the rotation of the hour disk.

Visible through an exhibition caseback, this hand-wound mechanical movement measuring just 4.85mm thick features considerable complexity that ensures both reliability and precision.

Equipped with a Phillips terminal curve, the balance spring can precisely control the oscillations of the regulating mechanism, a feat that only a true Haute Horlogerie manufacturer can do. Chopard also equips the movement with a gooseneck adjuster that allows finer adjustment of the watch.

Inspired by the enigmatic Mexican skull “Dìade los Muertos”, the striking faces featured on this L.U.C dial are a common theme also used in “vanitas” paintings and are a constant reminder of the inevitable passage of time, designed to remind The shortness and fragility of the viewer’s life. A theme Chopard replica watches is familiar with, as he has daringly reinterpreted it in certain special edition replica watches.

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Equally noble inside and out, the L.U.C Quattro Spirit 25 TimeForArt Edition displays the time on a completely hand-engraved dial. The white gold background of the dial is first adorned with a radiant pattern, whereby the engraver draws some reference lines with a scribe before engraving the rays with a chisel.

These regular concentric lines evoke rays of sunlight that illuminate the path of the dead to facilitate their return to Earth. With the help of a scorpion, the master craftsman outlines the skull motif to add depth to the one-millimeter-thick dial. The elements and details drawn in this way are then modeled with a burnishing machine that grinds and pushes the material, together with scorpions and gouges.

The skull is then satin-finished with fiberglass, while the other embellishments on the dial are polished by hand using boxwood sticks coated with polishing paste.

The flower petals that surround the orbits have a shiny exterior with diamond paté, while their interior is endowed with a matte effect to recreate the depth of the cavity.

Finally, the engraver covers the surface of the dial with a thin layer of silver,

which is oxidized with ether to blacken the gaps and accentuate the patterns. When the craftsman applies the ether with a brush, the liquid is spread over the surface accordingly

and then the raised surfaces are touched up to ensure that only the hollows are blackened by oxidation. The richly detailed dial comes to life under the humble and sensitive gaze of the craftsman. Patience, consistency and painstaking care were essential in creating this sphere, which took four weeks to complete.

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The hours appear through a window located at 6 o’clock in the mouth of the skull, accordingly

so that the minute hand does not obscure the view of the time change, which occurs instantaneously. The white gold window frame accentuates the sobriety of the large black Arabic numerals displaying the hours on a white background.

The high-quality work dedicated to the L.U.C Quattro Spirit 25 TimeForArt Edition has earned it the Poinçon de Genève. Governed by strict criteria of excellence, accordingly

this coveted label is awarded exclusively to a few watchmaking creations whose beauty provides the perfect setting for a perfectly functioning mechanism. It guarantees not only the quality, precision and reliability of the movement and the watch as a whole,

but also ensures that the assembly was carried out in the canton of Geneva, the historical cradle of Haute Horlogerie.

Precise settings, comfort and legibility for the wearer, accordingly

movement bridges entirely adorned with the côtes de Genève motif and finely beveled components:

these are the characteristics that make the L.U.C Quattro Spirit 25 TimeForArt Edition a refined watch from both an aesthetic and technical.

About TimeForArt

This one-of-a-kind art timepiece will be part of the TimeForArt event, accordingly

an auction of rare timepieces by the world’s greatest master watchmakers,

with 100% of proceeds going directly to support the world’s most visionary contemporary artists through exhibitions, accordingly

public education programs and free Swiss Institute community engagement workshops. TimeForArt provides a year-round platform for exchanges between the world of watchmaking and the visual arts.sell replica watches

Chopard replica Co-Chairman Karl-Friedrich Scheufele commented on this exceptional collaboration: “TimeForArt allows me to play my role both as an enthusiastic art enthusiast and as a passionate watchmaker; perfectly reflects the values ​​of the Maison. I love the idea that our highly skilled artisans are taking part in an effort to support art. At Chopard we have an incredible team of craftsmen who

master the different steps of creating exceptional sell replica watches, thanks to the independent approach

and integrated skill set that the Manufacture has been cultivating for 25 years.”

Technical details

Cash register:
18K Ethical Rose Gold
Overall diameter: 40.00mm
Thickness: 10.30mm
Water resistance 50 meters
18-carat rose gold crown with L.U.C. logo.
Vertical satin case center and horn spacing
Polished bezel and caseback
Reflection-proof sapphire crystal
Exhibit back engraved with the inscription: “Time For Art Unique Piece”

Mechanical manual winding movement L.U.C 98.06-L
Number of components: 240
Overall diameter: 31.80mm
Thickness: 4.85mm
Number of rubies: 42
Frequency: 28,800vph (4Hz)
Power reserve: 192 hours (8 days)
jumping hours
Four barrels: exclusive Chopard Quattro technology
Bridges with côtes de Genève motif and gold engravings
Gooseneck fine adjustment
Spring-wheel with Phillips end curve
Seal of quality Poinçon de Genève

Dial and hands:
Ethical 18K white gold dial with hand-engraved skull motif
Golden Dauphine fused minute hand
Gold baton power reserve indicator

Functions and display:
Instant hour display at a 6 o’clock aperture
Central minute display
Power reserve indicator on the back of the watch
Balance stop function that allows precise adjustments

Strap and buckle:
Hand-stitched matte black calfskin strap with gray stitching and tone-on-tone calfskin lining
Polished and satin-brushed ardillon buckle in 18k ethical rose gold

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