Vacheron Constantin Fake Watches 1972 Prestige Edition Watch – Men’s 1972

When I first saw the 1972 series of fake watches, I was deeply fascinated by it. Before this watch, I have seen square, round, barrel, and trapezoidal shapes for the first time. I thought that such a special watch will definitely have one in the future, but the other series of Vacheron Constantin can be said to be in full swing. Finally launched a new men’s watch.

Just like the name of this series, the birth of some fake watches is destined to be remembered in history. On June 23, 1972, Comité de France awarded Vacheron Constantin the “Prestige de la France” watch design award at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Paris, not far from 2 Rue Heping in Paris, in recognition of the brand’s professional watchmaking technology and For the achievements of the watch in perfect and elegant design, Vacheron Constantin was honored to be the first watch manufacturer to receive this honor at the time.Perfect Fake Watches

To celebrate this honor, a new watch with an irregular design was launched, and the words “Prestige de la France” were engraved on the bottom of these limited editions.

After that, Vacheron Constantin began to successively launch men’s and women’s Perfect Fake Watches in different sizes and proportions of this shape, which gradually evolved into the famous 1972 series we see now.

In the blink of an eye, it has been 40 years since the launch of this watch. To commemorate this important moment, Vacheron Constantin fake watches specially launched this new 1972 men’s watch inspired by the original design. The new model continues its balanced and irregular design that strictly adheres to the golden ratio. The length of the longest side of the case, divided by the length of the side opposite it, is exactly equal to the famous golden ratio of 1.618. This watch is made of 18K white gold and measures 47mm (the longest side of the case) x 25mm (the vertical distance from the longest side to the opposite side).

I thought the new men’s watch would see through the bottom, after all, it never sees through, but it doesn’t. I think it may be due to its arched bottom designed to fit the wrist, but it is gratifying that it is noble after all. Edition watch, there are quite a few words on the bottom cover, the first is the Logo that shows the identity, the second is the famous “Prestige de la France” badge, and then the Geneva Seal that represents quality and excellence, of course, those Au750 , St. Bernard’s head, scales are symbols of precious metals,

and its 30-meter water resistance also reminds you that this is a precious watch.Perfect Fake Watches

In order to add an elegant atmosphere to this watch, the gray dial is specially decorated with a V-shaped radiation pattern.

This very simple decoration instantly enriches the layering of the dial, and the two 18K red gold hands are also matched with the The Maltese cross in the center complements each other, adding endless reverie to the already quite plump dial!

It is no exaggeration to say that it is a watch that is noble to the teeth. This watch is matched with a gray dial with a strong texture,

and especially uses a more noble wine red alligator leather strap. In addition to the noble color, its production is also quite It is labor-intensive.

First of all, it uses Mississippi crocodile leather with the most beautiful texture; secondly, it is a crocodile leather strap without stitching. Although it is more elegant and comfortable without stitching, it means using a new production process; In the end, it is a double-sided crocodile leather strap,

which means that it can only make one of the materials that others make two straps, and the cost can be imagined. In addition, the 18K white gold buckle is also a highlight. It uses the only space for the pin buckle to imprint all the marks that can be printed on it.

The reason why people admire the Swiss high-end watchmaking industry, I think a very important point is that the Swiss watchmen have always adhered to a work attitude of “watchmaking for God”.

The so-called “watchmaking for God” is to do well in the visible places,

and even better in the invisible places, even better than in the invisible places. This is the case with this watch, which uses such a beautiful movement and can’t see it.Perfect Fake Watches

The name of the movement used in this watch is 1003. Some friends who are familiar with the movement may ask,

why does this movement look so familiar, isn’t this Jaeger-LeCoultre’s 849? wrong! We must know that the 849 movement was launched in 1994. In terms of age, 1003 can be the grandfather of 849. Since it’s not 849, why does it look so similar?

All of this begins in the 1950s. In that era, with the refinement of watchmaking technology,

the top Swiss watch brands all made the world’s thinnest movement the focus of their pursuit. Since everyone has a common The goal of the company,

and the relationship is also good, it is normal to cooperate!

Therefore, from 1952, everyone began to jointly develop modern ultra-thin manual movements.

The R&D members include Vacheron Constantin fake watches, Audemars Piguet and Jaeger-LeCoultre. In 1953, a Jaeger-LeCoultre 803 movement (the originator of the 849) with a thickness of only 1.64 mm came out, and then Vacheron Constantin fake carried out a comprehensive three-dimensional modification of this movement, making it reach or even surpass the Geneva Seal.

Strict standards, and officially launched in 1955 on the 200th anniversary of the brand’s founding,

this movement is still the thinnest hand-wound mechanical movement on the market today.

The legendary 1003 movement inherited the ultra-thin dimensions of the 803 movement,

with a thickness of 1.64 mm (1.85 mm for the 849) and a diameter of 21.1 mm. Even in such a small space, it still has 117 parts, a balance vibration frequency of 18,000 vibrations per hour

and a power reserve of more than 30 hours, which is an engineering marvel. Of course, its legend is not only technically, but also in terms of decoration.

The sparkling chamfers are all hand polished.Replica Watches Store

Polishing is important, but the accuracy of a watch is even more important. In order to complete and surpass this mission,

the 1003 movement has spared no expense in the transformation of the escapement,

abandoning the common light pendulum and speed needle adjustment before.

The escapement was replaced with a very traditional screw balance wheel and fine-tuning screw adjustment method,

and the balance wheel was also adjusted in five directions,

and the Kif shock absorber, which was very advanced at that time, was also used,

which not only made It takes a very high level of accuracy to the next level,

and it also meets the stringent standards of the Geneva Seal.

This is a veritable luxury watch, not only the case is gold,

but also the movement is gold, the design of this watch is extremely elegant,

every detail is impeccable, you really can’t find anything about it The shortcomings,

of course, can’t find a reason to reject it!

Throughout the twentieth century, Vacheron Constantin has launched a number of unforgettable designs. From simple and elegant styles to intricately crafted complex designs, from daily wear styles to precious diamond Replica Watches Store,

each model represents the pinnacle of Swiss Haute Horlogerie’s watchmaking craftsmanship

and reflects Vacheron Constantin’s unrivaled position in the world watch industry. Status, and its pursuit of technology and aesthetics. After two and a half centuries of ups and downs,

Vacheron Constantin is still one of the most prestigious brands in the watch industry.

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