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Dental Bonding and Enamel Shaping for an Improved Smile

Cosmetic dentistry techniques have been available for hundreds if not thousands of years, but until recently, cosmetic dental services were only financially feasible for the wealthy. The fact that cosmetic dental procedures are not covered by most dental insurance plans has also proven to be a barrier for many patients. Fortunately, advances in dental bonding crooked teeth and techniques have made cosmetic dentistry accessible to the masses, namely composite bonding, and enamel shaping. Enamel bonding and shaping are simple, non-invasive, and inexpensive techniques that can completely transform your smile.

Tooth bonding

Composite bonding involves the use of a composite resin to repair small tooth enamel problems. Some of the imperfections that can be corrected by gluing include:

Spaces between teeth
Small chips or cracks
Irregular or slightly crooked teeth
Tooth smaller or shorter than its neighbors.
Discolored teeth that cannot be repaired with whitening

The bonding process is painless and can often be completed in just one visit to the dentist. First, your dentist will choose or mix a colored compound that matches the color of your teeth. A rubber dam will then be used to isolate the tooth(s) in question. A phosphoric solution will be used to polish the enamel in preparation for bonding, at which point the chosen color is applied as a resin and molded into the required shape. In some cases, a special light will be used to speed up the hardening of the resin until it adheres firmly to the tooth structure. The final step is to make sure the joint is comfortable, so the patient feels and bites into the repaired area to make sure it feels natural.

After the bonding is complete, the repaired teeth can be used for normal chewing, eating, and speaking. However, it is important to take care of cemented teeth to ensure that they are not damaged. Continue your oral health regimen as usual with regular brushing, flossing, and professional cleanings. It is best to refrain from harmful habits such as chewing ice cream, candies, or other hard objects, as composite materials can break under pressure.

Enamel shaping

Another quick and painless technique to improve the appearance of your smile is enamel contouring. By tracing the shape of your tooth enamel, your dentist can:

Correct uneven or awkward position of the teeth.
Remove small chips or cracks.
Improve slight twist
Smooth teeth that appear rough or sharp
Shorten teeth that are too long compared to their neighbors

Remodeling procedure

The remodeling procedure may only take a few minutes. A simple tool uses a diamond tip to smooth and shape the enamel. This technique will only remove about a millimeter of outer enamel and generally does not require local anesthesia. Once complete, your dentist will polish the affected teeth and the process is complete. As the teeth have only been slightly reshaped, the follow-up only requires the same oral techniques that are always necessary for healthy teeth and gums.

Simple but effective

Although dental bonding crooked teeth and shaping look like minimal procedures, the results can be amazing. Especially when used together, these cosmetic techniques can correct a number of unsightly flaws, from crooked teeth to cracked and chipped smiles. Sometimes a quick molding and bonding procedure is all you need to transform your teeth into the dazzling smile you’ve always dreamed of. Many patients feel like they need braces, veneers, or other procedures to achieve the same results. The best part is that these are some of the cheapest cosmetic procedures available.

Although cosmetic techniques are not always covered by insurance, enamel bonding and shaping offer an affordable solution for the average patient. In many cases, one of these techniques can cost less than a pair of trendy shoes! If you dream of improving your smile, be sure to ask your dentist for these simple but effective techniques.


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