Different types of car horn: Draw the required attention

You may have heard different types of car horn sounds on the road. Ever liked any of those but didn’t know how to install them or was unsure if they can be customized? Well, think no more, read this blog and find out everything.

Best horn for car:

India has a very troublesome and horrendous traffic. We not only have to keep to our lane but also need to see that other vehicles don’t drive rashly and collide with us. Horns play an important part in making others aware of your presence. Sudden turn from bikers to wrong side driving, we see these instances almost everyday. So, a good quality horn is a necessity.

Also, if you are bored with the factory fitted horn and looking for a change, you can consider installing an aftermarket horn.

With us, now you can shop for bike and car horns. We have high quality horns from many world class manufacturers like Bosch etc.

How does a horn work?

It is very simple physics and I will explain it in simple terms. The sound from the horn is produced by a vibrating metal diaphragm. There is an electromagnet which lets it work but let’s not make it complex.

How to install a new horn in your car: DIY

Installing that cool aftermarket horn isn’t a hard task especially because you can’t go wrong with horns. Any car horn will fit your car and the same thing applies for bikes.

First buy the desired horn for your car. We provide a plethora of options when it comes to horn. Shop with us. Then you will need 1.5mm thick wires and some relay pins. Generally, the relay pins are supplied with the horn itself. You may need some extra wire, that’s it.

Steps to follow:

In the beginning, locate where your horn is. You may require to open the engine bay to get access to your existing horn.

Then, disconnect the wires. These wires are connected in a plug fashion and will come out just if you pull it by the cover.

Now unscrew the old horn and fit the new one in and connect the wires with new relay pins. You’re good to go.

Horn not working?

A car horn not working may be caused by loose or rusting of the relays, the horn push button not working or short in the wire. If the horn is not working then mostly it is time to get a new horn. Still you can check for other problems too.

First focus should be on changing the car horn as mostly this gets damaged instead of other specified reasons. A horn may get damaged if water gets inside it.

  1. Fuse blown- Locate the fuse box and open the fuse. Examine the fuse properly and see if it has blown. If the wires inside it look burnt then replace the fuse and check if the horn is working now.
  2. Relays- The relays may get rusted and stop the circuit from completing. Or a loose relay may also hamper the connection. Take a pliers and press the relays with it in every connection. And if the relays have become rusted then replace them.
  3. Changing the wires- This should be the last resort as this is cumbersome and rarely happens. If the horn doesn’t work even after replacing it then go for a wiring check and change.
  4. Problem with the horn button- If the horn works only when the button is pressed hard or at an angle then the fault is with the button. This can be replaced by opening the steering cover.

Horn of different sounds

Horns with different types of sounds are available in the market. You can choose as you like. Also car horns of various volumes are available. Some may be extremely loud and some may be normal. You can opt for loud horns if you live in a very congested and heavy traffic place as a low sound car horn won’t attract attention in these places.

But in that case, avoid blowing the car horn near a hospital. But if you live in a sparsely populated area with low traffic noise then don’t install a loud car horn and annoy others.

So, after you’ve decided and know that aftermarket horn installation is not hard and you can do it all by yourself then we can proceed further and buy some good performance horns. Surf our automobile accessories marketplace and choose the horn of your dream and get it shipped within 24 hours. We are giving you the best offers available online with authentic products which will last you long. 


Karan Negi has been working as a budding editor and Automobile Reviewer since 2019. He reviews products including Cars, Bikes, Automobile accessories, riding gear, and so on. He belongs to Delhi and has done his education from Himachal Pradesh He likes to learn new things that can enhance his skills. He also enjoys watching action movies. He's also a gadget freak who loves to stay updated about technology.

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