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Do’s And Don’t For Prestressed Braiding Hair

Braids are a popular go-to protective style for natural hair, shielding it from cold air, humidity, heat, and chemical damage.

Braiding require little manipulation, do not require daily maintenance, and can last up to two months. Here are the best dos and don’ts for prestressed braiding hair to help you get the most out of your braided crown!

Braiding Hair Tips

a. Moisten Your Hair Thoroughly Before Braiding

Braiding your prestressed braiding hair can cause dryness in your natural hair. To ensure your hair benefits from the protective style, use the LCO or LOC method to moisturize your hair before installing your braids.

b. Wash Your Hair Thoroughly Before Applying Braids

A clean and healthy scalp is an excellent environment for natural hair growth. Braids are typically worn for one to two months. As a result, installing braids on a clean scalp is critical to ensuring healthy hair growth with your protective style.

c. Maintain Your Natural Hair In Your Braids Regularly

To maintain the health of your braided hair, oil your scalp 2-3 times per week with moisturizing oils. Also, wash your scalp after strenuous activities like swimming to remove dirt and product buildup. Finally, spraying your braids with braid refresher spray will keep your hair moisturized within the braids.

d. Wrap Braiding Hair With A Satin Scarf At Night

The best way to protect your braids at night is to sleep with a good quality satin bonnet or satin scarf to lay down flyaways and protect the bottom of your braids.

e. Wear Your Braids In A Variety Of Styles

Have a good time with your braids. Personalize your hairstyle with colorful beads, gold clips, and other accessories.

f. Do Massage Your Itchy Scalp

To avoid ruining your braids and causing your scalp to bleed, pat your itchy scalp. Another method to avoid irritation is to soak the braiding hair in apple cider vinegar before installing it.

Don’ts for Braiding Hair

a. Don’t Neglect Your Hair In Your Braids

If your hair is in a protective style, don’t assume it’s healthy. You must continue to provide daily care. It is critical to maintain your braided hair regimen by washing/cleaning your scalp regularly and after strenuous activities such as swimming. Oiling your scalp and spraying your hair with braiding spray keep your hair moisturized.

b. Avoid Using Tight Braids

Tight braids can cause a lot of tension, which is bad for your scalp and hair health. It is uncomfortable to sleep in, and tight braids can cause small bumps along your hairline.

c. Don’t Overdo It-Braid Hair In Small Sections

Too much hair in a small section adds weight and can cause hair breakage. Make sure you use an equal number of braiding hair parts for your hair.

d. Wear Your Braids For No More Than Two Months

If you want to wear braids for more than two months, remove the old braids, let your scalp rest for 2-3 days, and then reinstall the braids. Anything more than two months can result in excessive product and dirt buildup, causing the matting of your natural hair.

The above tips are best to follow and avoid after getting your prestressed braiding hair from braiding hair vendors to take proper care of your hair. 


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