Everything you should know about LLB

In this post, we will study about LLB. Here we will study what LLB is, the scope of LLB, and all other things related to it. Let’s begin with LLB.

What is LLB?

When it comes to enrollment in this degree in India, LLB has had a significant spurt during the past several years. The time when the family only used this profession is long gone. Nowadays, again, the LLB courses are in trend, and demand for these courses is getting high. Even so, the future of LLB appears promising because there is a chance that foreign law firms may open offices in India. For law students, this would mean many more doors for job opportunities. So, don’t overthink about admission and take LLB admission in Lucknow.

Scope of LLB:

Candidates can pick the LLB (Bachelor of Laws) course if they desire to enter the legal profession. Different levels of legal education are available in India. One may only begin a profession in law after earning an undergraduate degree or an integrated degree after completing senior secondary school. One may use the title “Lawyer” after earning an integrated law degree or an LL.B.

The legal education system has changed since 1987. The first law school in India was founded in Bangalore. Legal education was often provided in India as a three-year graduate degree (LL.B.).

LL.B. programs last three years, while integrated law programs last five years. The LL.B. course curriculum is entirely based on legal topics. In contrast, in integrated law courses, the first two years of study are devoted to the course’s fundamental topics (much like in B.A.LL.B. programs, the first two years are devoted to studying art topics), and legal topics dominate the last three years. So, you must always select the top LLB colleges in Lucknow for study.

Now, let us look at what jobs and career options are available in LLB.

Graduates of LL.B. programs should get a law certificate before working in any court. One can earn it by passing the “All India Bar Examination,” which is governed and monitored by the Bar Council of India. Lawyers can also get employment in the federal and state governments. Lawyers can also serve as legal counsel for families, businesses, and other groups.

Graduates with an LL.B. may work in:

  • Private and public sector businesses’ legal departments
  • Consulting Companies for State Bar Councils
  • Foreign and Indian Law Firms
  • Legal Department of International Businesses
  • Multinational Businesses
  • International audit and compliance companies.


One of the most highly compensated professions is law, where a salary is based on the candidate’s name, notoriety, experience, and job description.

Bachelor of Law degree holders may make between Rs. 15,000 and 20,000 per month. If you take admission in one of the top LLB colleges in Lucknow and get a job with the help of your campus, then your salary will surely be high.

Law admissions:

Numerous colleges all around India offer a Bachelor of Laws degree. You must take CLAT to get admission to law school. This exam is similar to any general knowledge exam in that it tests your understanding of the law, logic, general English, and other topics. You can complete any degree with an LLB or enroll directly in the 5-year integrated program from high school or pre-university.

Why is BBA LLB needed?

The shifting dynamics of technological, economic, financial, and sociological settings affect every industry. Therefore, lawyers must take charge and improve their skills by arming themselves with more business, management, and policymaking information.

The law has multiple effects on all other fields. Therefore, it is necessary to support an interdisciplinary approach to legal education.


This article is all about LLB. If you are also considering LLB admission in Lucknow, then you can try Amity Lucknow.

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